Humphrey and Martha's wedding day is fast approaching in Beyond Paradise season 2, and in exciting news, the BBC has released some first-look photos to give you a taste of what the special occasion will look like.


Despite initial impressions (see a concerned-looking Martha above), everything seemingly goes according to plan, with the couple joined by their family and friends to celebrate their union, which has been a long time coming.

After bumping into one another unexpectedly in season 5 of Death in Paradise, a romance soon blossomed.

And, despite some bumps in the road in Beyond Paradise's debut chapter, they have been inseparable ever since.

"Part of the attraction of doing the spin-off in the first place" was the "togetherness and the strength of Humphrey and Martha as a couple", Kris Marshall told

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"They're a very good match, and they don't have expectations of each other, they just let each other exist," he added. "They're very strong because of that.

"While their relationship is not without challenges, and it's certainly not the most orthodox relationship at times, they are a brilliant couple and they have a lot of fun, and that really comes through in this season."

Humphrey placing a ring on Martha's finger on the beach while family and friends watch on, smiling
Beyond Paradise. Red Planet Pictures/Joss Barratt

And there's also a lovely surprise in store for viewers.

Ryan, the young boy Humphrey and Martha instantly connected with in the Christmas special, also makes a comeback.

He first came to their attention via Kelby, who brought him into the station after he was caught stealing a sausage roll.

From there, it emerged that he was having some issues at home and, unable to process his feelings, had begun acting out.

But eventually everything was straightened out, and he returned home with his mum.

Humphrey and Ryan standing next to one another on the beach as Martha waits in her wedding dress
Kris Marshall as Humphrey, Isaac Vincent-Norgate as Ryan and Sally Bretton as Martha in Beyond Paradise. Red Planet Pictures/Joss Barratt

After making a positive impression on Humphrey and Martha, they were sad to see him go, but is he about to become a part of their lives once more?

There's every chance that Ryan will be the first child they welcome into their home as foster parents, which would be ideal given the bond they've already formed with him.

"They have a lot of love to give," said Marshall. "There are kids out there who maybe are in transitional periods in their lives with their families and need support and help and a little bit of humour and cuddles and love.

"And Humphrey and Martha have those in abundance, so it's a quite a natural progression."

Beyond Paradise airs on Fridays on BBC One and iPlayer.


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