Where is Behind Her Eyes filmed? Everything we know about the locations for the Netflix thriller

Everything you need to know about the locations used in the Netflix thriller series.


Netflix subscribers who have already made their way through all six episodes of Behind Her Eyes will likely have been rather puzzled by the much talked about Behind Her Eyes ending – but that’s not the only thing about the show that fans have been asking questions about.


Many viewers are also desperate to know where the new series was filmed, with the show having been set across two different locations – one in the present and one in flashbacks.

We’ve gathered everything you need to know, so read on for all the information about where Behind Her Eyes was filmed.

Where was Behind Her Eyes filmed?

The first scenes of the series to be shot were those used as flashbacks, with the cast and crew heading to Scotland to film on location.

In the series, the scenes take place at the ‘Fairdale Estate’ – but this is a fictional location that doesn’t exist in real life, and the actual filming location has not been made public

Star Tom Bateman told RadioTimes.com that the Scottish setting helped him when it came to practising his accent for the show, revealing, “We did a couple of the earlier scenes first up in Scotland, so it was wonderful to kind of hear that accent around me in the hotels we were staying in!”

The scenes in the present, meanwhile, are filmed in and around London – largely in the North of the capital.

The exteriors of David and Adele’s fancy home are filmed in Islington – although the street they are said to live on, Maddison Terrace, does not actually exist – while eagle-eyed viewers may be able to spot Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium from the window of Louise’s flat.

Other London locations glimpsed in the series include Hampstead Heath and Camden Market.

Behind Her Eyes is available to stream on Netflix now – learn more about the Behind Her Eyes cast and Behind Her Eyes soundtrack


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