9 burning questions we have after Killing Eve’s thrilling season 1 finale

We NEED answers! NOW!

Jodie Comer in Killing Eve

Killing Eve’s series one finale came to a thrilling conclusion as Villanelle (Jodie Comer) fled from her Paris apartment with a gaping stab wound in her stomach, courtesy of apologetic MI6 agent Eve Polsatri (Sandra Oh).


Eve felt instantly guilty for trying to kill the assassin, who she’d developed a love-hate relationship with throughout the first series of Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s cat and mouse drama.

The twist threw the door wide open for the already commissioned second series, but the episode left us with a LOT of questions about what we’d just watched and the events that had unfolded in the lead-up to the stabbing.

Here’s what we really want to know now…

How will Villanelle survive?

Jodie Comer in Killing Eve

When last we saw our favourite assassin she was fleeing her apartment with a gaping stab wound in her stomach. We know she’s a very resourceful young woman so we’re sure there’s someone she can turn to. And we’re not even going to entertain the notion that she could die from her injuries because it’s Villanelle and, let’s face it, the girl is indestructible.

What will Villanelle do next?

Konstantin (Kim Bodnia), Jerome (David Bertrand) in Killing Eve

We’ve established that Villanelle is going to survive but what she’ll do next is anyone’s guess. With her cover blown it may prove difficult for her to continue working for The Twelve. Konstantin told her he’d been the one fighting her corner with her mysterious bosses, who seemed to think she was disposable and were happy to leave her in prison.

But in killing her former handler (we’ll get to that in a minute) Villanelle has surely proven her loyalty, so could The Twelve be willing to give her a second chance? Or will that bullet she put through Anton’s head throw a spanner in the works?

Will Villanelle try to kill Eve?

The stars of Killing Eve

Throughout the course of Killing Eve season one it became clear that Villanelle had no intention of doing the one thing the show’s title suggested she would. She just wanted to spend some time with Eve and even share a meal with her. And by the end of episode eight she’d even seemed to open up to her in a very special way.

But then Eve went and plunged a knife into the psychopath’s stomach, presumably to seek revenge for poor old Bill (we still can’t talk about it, it’s TOO SOON). It was clear that Villanelle was not just physically but also mentally hurt by the MI6 agent’s actions and it wasn’t long before she was turning a gun on her.

Eve may have said sorry and tried to help Villanelle, but we have a feeling the assassin won’t be so kind if the pair cross paths again.

Why did Carolyn meet Villanelle? And is she a double agent?

Fiona Shaw in Killing Eve

Carolyn Martens (played by the brilliant Fiona Shaw) is probably one of the most intriguing characters we’ve ever met. She’s sharp, she’s funny and she’s very much the big boss at MI6. But she’s also impossible to read and when we learned that she’d secretly met Villanelle (or Oksana) in prison, we were left reeling.

We know Carolyn has plenty of experience on the ground in Russia and that she’s a very old friend of Konstantin’s, but could she have been playing on the same team as him? Frank was working for them after all, feeding them information about British Intelligence in exchange for help with his ill wife and later purely for money.

Villanelle did tell Eve that if she looked hard enough she’d realise they were working for the same people – could it be that she was telling the truth? Could Carolyn be a double agent with excellent taste in cheese puffs?

We’ll have to wait to find out.

Is Konstantin really dead?

Jodie Comer and Kim Bodnia in Killing Eve

I mean, come on, we already know Carolyn’s been telling lies so are we really going to take her word for it that Konstantin’s been killed?

Everyone said Oksana was dead and did a pretty good job of covering her tracks. Surely they can do the same for Kim Bodnia’s brilliant handler?

Who are The Twelve and what do they want?

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We know the shady dozen have been ordering killings on a postcard – but why? Are they enemies of British Intelligence? Do they have a political motive? Or are their motivations financial?

Villanelle knew nothing about her mysterious bosses and Konstantin claimed he didn’t know a thing either. He didn’t even know the names of the people who knew the names of The Twelve, apparently.

Is Eve’s career at MI6 over?

Fiona Shaw and Sandra Oh in Killing Eve

When she learned that Eve and Kenny had handed over her personal correspondence with Konstantin to Russian Intelligence officer Vlad, Carolyn immediately decided to shut the London office. That presumably left Eve out of a job and prompted her to take a little trip to Paris.

Surely such a grave breach of trust would be grounds for dismissal?

Will Eve and Nico’s marriage get back on track?

Owen McDonnell plays Niko Polastri in Killing Eve

Eve left her husband a hopeful and apologetic message just before she left Russia, but will he be willing to talk? Carolyn definitely suggested that marriages don’t last long in the espionage game. Could Eve prove her wrong?

Is Eve sexually attracted to Villanelle?

Sandra Oh in Killing Eve

The energy that crackles between Eve and Villanelle is probably of the best things about Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s drama, but is it sexual? For Villanelle it seems to be – she openly admits to masturbating while thinking of Eve – but with Eve it’s more difficult to tell. She is fascinated by the female assassin and seems to be obsessed with her motivations and methods, but is she genuinely sexually attracted to her? Or is it Villanelle’s power that she finds truly erotic?


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