Untold creators reveal why they wanted to make a sports docu-series after Wild Wild Country

Chapman and Maclain Way speak to RadioTimes.com about their five-part docu-series Untold.

Chapman and Maclain Way

Untold creator Chapman Way has explained why he chose to make a sports docu-series with his brother Maclain for Netflix after the success of cult documentary Wild Wild Country.


Speaking to RadioTimes.com in an exclusive interview, Chapman and Maclain revealing that it was the story of tennis legend Mardy Fish that inspired them to make the five-part Untold series.

“After Wild Wild Country we were sent every cult story under the sun and we kind of wanted to go in a different direction,” Chapman Way said.

“We come from a sports family and a family family and we felt like this can be an awesome way of joining two of our loves and passions. We came across the Mardy Fish story, that’s our fifth episode in the bunch about one of the first professional athletes to go on the record with his mental health struggles in 2015.

“We talked to Mardy and through that conversation realised that athletes over the years really haven’t been given the platform that maybe they deserve to really be raw and vulnerable and honest and share their battles and their journeys with audiences.”

He continued: “So it segued from just doing a one off thing to, ‘Hey, let’s do five of these.’ We couldn’t be happier with the five stories and how it all came together.”


Untold consists of five films which explore remarkable stories from the world of sport, from the Pistons-Pacers NBA brawl of 2004 to the athletic career of Caitlyn Jenner.

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