How much does the Supervet charge?

Got a badly injured pet? Here's how much it would cost to be seen by Channel 4's Supervet team.

Supervet - Noel Fitzpatrick

Professor Noel Fitzpatrick is Britain’s favourite vet thanks to his appearances on the Channel 4 series Supervet.


A highly trained veterinarian known for his groundbreaking surgeries – including applying bionic leg implants to a cat named Oscar who had lost both his hind paws in an accident involving a combine harvester – Noel is the director and managing clinician at Fitzpatrick Referrals in Surrey.

His practice includes two hospitals and is known for treating some of the hardest to cure pets who may otherwise be beyond saving – as well as the furry friends of some well known celebrities including Megan Markle’s dog and Russell Brand’s cat. Will Young’s two Mastiffs and Yasmin Le Bon’s bulldog and pug were all featured in the Supervet’s Christmas Special at the end of last year.

How much does the Supervet charge?

Based in Surrey, Professor Noel Fitzpatrick works at Fitzpatrick Referrals, one of the largest veterinary referral centres in the UK.

The centre’s services include complex procedures such as dog and cat knee replacements, animal brain tumour treatment, and cancer treatments. Patients can only be referred by a vet – animals are referred to Noel and his team if a primary care vet thinks they have a treatable condition that is beyond the scope of a general veterinary practice.

There are no current fees on the Fitzpatrick Referrals website, but in 2019 an initial orthopaedic consultation there for a dog or cat was £210. Surgeries start at around £2000, while a hip replacement for your pooch could be closer to £8000.

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