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Olivia Attwood says reality TV background helped hosting docuseries

The former Love Island star is hosting her first docuseries for ITV2.

Olivia Attwood
Published: Monday, 27th June 2022 at 7:00 am
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Olivia Attwood is set to make her documentary hosting debut next week in brand new docuseries Getting Filthy Rich, with the former Love Island star revealing that her reality TV background came in handy on the show.


The reality star, who came in third place on Love Island's third season, is set to explore the world of selling sexual content online in the ITV2 series, from the rise of OnlyFans to 'sugar babies'.

Olivia Attwood on love Island
Olivia Attwood on Love Island ITV2

Speaking to in an exclusive interview, Attwood said that she was "nervous to say the least" about taking on the presenting role.

"I think obviously, coming from a reality TV background, it's very easy to be pigeonholed. And I actually had no problem being in that pigeonhole because I love reality TV, and I continue to make more reality TV and be a part of that side of my work.

"But I thought, 'I think I can be quite articulate. I think I can get people to open up to me.' It's just getting the opportunity and obviously I've been working with ITV for five years now and to put that trust in me to give this a go when it's obviously not my trained profession was a huge responsibility. And I hopefully I did it justice."

She added that she thought that her reality TV background helped when interviewing the subjects in Getting Filthy Rich, many of whom had made it big on sites like OnlyFans.

"I think that a lot of the girls felt like they already knew me so it's almost like it's not a complete stranger. They kind of felt like they can talk to me on a girl-to-girl level rather than maybe your more traditional documentaries [which] can feel a little bit colder, maybe a little bit more distance between interviewer and subject."

Olivia Attwood: Getting Filthy Rich starts on Tuesday 5th July at 10pm on ITV2 and ITV Hub.


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