Exclusive – Carole Baskin is working on her own documentary series about the big cat industry

The Tiger King star has revealed that she's working on her own documentary, while other projects will tell her side of the story "to an extent".

Carole Baskin

Tiger King star Carole Baskin has revealed that she’s working on her own documentary about the exotic animal industry that will “expose the animal abusers”.


In an exclusive interview with RadioTimes.com, the big cat activist said she was involved in a few follow-up projects to Tiger King when asked whether she’d be telling her side of the story.

“There’s some other people out there working on some different pieces of this that will show [my side of the story] to a certain extent. I can’t talk about their productions because they haven’t aired yet.

“We are negotiating to come out with our own series but our series isn’t about that, it’s actually about the work that we’ve been doing all these years which is to expose the animal abusers, expose what people don’t see behind closed doors to the public and then put pressure on law enforcement to actually enforce the laws.

“So that’s what we’ve been doing for 20 years and I think people will find it interesting because they only see what’s on the surface, just like they only saw what was on the surface in Tiger King. But I think there is a thirst to know more about that industry and I think that that series will quench that thirst.”

Big Cat Rescue founder Baskin rose to fame last year after appearing in Netflix docuseries Tiger King, a look at private zoo owners and the big cat industry in the US.

Released in March 2020, Tiger King followed exotic animal park owner Joe Exotic and his purported feud with big cat activist Baskin – Exotic accused Baskin of killing her missing husband Don Lewis. She denies any involvement and has never been charged. Exotic eventually hired someone to murder her.

Carole Baskin

Baskin is now focussing on finding alternatives to keeping animals in zoos and has launched a number of projects using virtual reality. “We created a game for people who game in headsets, where they can go into a forest, they rescue a tiger and set it loose from poachers and we felt like that’s the kind of interactive experience that people want.”


“It’s got amazing traction and we’re actually looking at coming out with a flat version for your phone,” she added. “So those are the kinds of experiences that I’m most excited about, things that can make the big cats accessible to people everywhere.”

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