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Ben Fogle makes a pilgrimage to Scotland 20 years after Castaway 2000

The broadcaster will present a four-part series on Scotland and its islands.

Ben Fogle
Published: Friday, 23rd April 2021 at 10:40 am

In a brand new BBC series, Ben Fogle will make a pilgrimage to Scotland and its islands 20 years after his star-making appearance on Castaway 2000.


In the four-part documentary series Sacred Islands with Ben Fogle, the presenter will return to what he describes as “the most beautiful place on Earth”.

Ben Fogle first came to the public's attention during Castaway 2000, a BBC One reality series that followed a collection of people all "castaway" on the remote Scottish island of Taransay during 2000.

Speaking about his new documentary, the Inside Chernobyl presenter said he had remained "fascinated" by Scotland and its islands ever since first appearing on the reality series.

Fogle said in a statement: “Castaway changed me in so many ways. I was not the star of Castaway, the island of Taransay was, the Outer Hebrides was, Scotland was. I’m still fascinated by Scotland’s islands. The remoteness, the peace, the wonder - I even named my daughter Iona after one. I’m lucky to have been to a lot of places but to me these islands are the most beautiful on Earth. This is where my roots really are, where I feel spiritually at home. This is my dream series. It’s like a personal pilgrimage."

Steve Allen, who commissioned the series for BBC Scotland, added: “We are delighted to welcome Ben back to BBC Scotland’s screens with this new series. It’s hard to believe 20 years has passed since Ben captured the hearts of the nation in Castaway where we watched him fall in love with the island and the whole island experience. This series will be an authored piece which will give audiences an insight in to the profound effect Ben’s 20 year love affair with Scotland’s islands has had on him and what it is that draws him back.”

The series will begin filming later this Spring, and is earmarked for broadcast later this year on BBC Scotland and BBC One Daytime.

In the four-parter, Fogle "will explore the beating heart of community and spirituality from the Western and Northern Isles to the Inner Hebrides," according to the synopsis.

The journey will prove a "personal pilgrimage" and "will see him explore what it is about each island that touches his psyche more deeply and what makes each a place of spirituality and sanctuary".


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