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Good Morning Britain viewers think Piers Morgan was way too easy on Donald Trump (again!)

The breakfast TV host interviewed the US President aboard Air Force One

Published: Monday, 16th July 2018 at 12:36 pm

For the second time, Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan got the opportunity to put some hard questions to US President Donald Trump. And once again he didn’t take it.


Well, that’s according to most of Twitter. Soon after ITV aired segments of the interview – filmed on Trump’s presidential plane Air Force One – viewers expressed they weren’t happy with Morgan’s line of questioning.

From queries about whether the Queen liked him, to whether there would be a trade deal between the UK and US and “whether there was any doubt” he would run for president again in 2020, many regarded the interview as too soft on Trump – especially from someone known for his attacking style of questioning…

Others were also frustrated that Morgan didn’t challenge Trump on certain claims, such as when the president said “seems like everybody wants me to” run for office again in 2020.

And some accused Morgan of simply using the interview as self-promotion...

However, viewers haven’t seen all of the interview yet. The full sit-down will be aired tonight on ITV, where Trump will talk more about his controversial trip to the UK and you can also watch Morgan show what life is like on Air Force One.

Or you can just turn over. We'd hold nothing against you.


Piers, The President and Air Force One is on 10.45pm tonight, ITV

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