Watch Kanye West trying – and failing – to be the black Larry David

A clip uploaded to Youtube shows a glimpse of West's Curb Your Enthusiasm-style sitcom

Kanye West is a talented man, but do those talents stretch beyond music to becoming “the black Larry David?” Well, a found clip of his never-to-be-aired sitcom for HBO may provide the answer.


The clip, uploaded to Youtube as a showreel by actress Alison Quinn, sees the rapper visit a “make-a-wish kid” in what is a sequence with obvious overtones of deadpan, self-parody shows such as Louie and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Indeed, in a 2008 interview, writer and producer Larry Charles said the show was West’s version of Larry David’s cult hit. “What Kanye West said to me the first time,” he said, “is ‘I’m the black Larry David.’ That’s the first thing he said to me. So it’s like a Kanye and Curb show, it’s kind of improvised about the situations and stuff.” 

“It was really good,” he added, “but again I think it was too hardcore for HBO.”

Whether HBO, which is well known for “hardcore” shows such as Game Of Thrones, really rejected it for this reason is unknown. Judge for yourself below.