When a show hits big, it's often the presumption that it will run and run until all avenues have been explored and all stories exhausted.


However, for Apple TV+ comedy series Ted Lasso, fans have known for some time now that the creators might be looking for something more short-term.

It has often been said that creators Jason Sudeikis, Bill Lawrence, Brendan Hunt and Joe Kelly dreamed up a three-season arc, the last part of which is about to play out in season 3.

In the summer of 2022, 72.1 per cent of fans voted in a RadioTimes.com poll to say that the creators should follow through with this plan, and bring the show to a satisfying conclusion on its own terms.

Recently, Sudeikis confirmed this is still very much the plan, telling Deadline: "This is the end of this story that we wanted to tell, that we were hoping to tell, that we loved to tell. The fact that folks will want more and are curious beyond more than what they don’t even know yet — that being season 3 — it’s flattering."

But does that mean the show is ending, or merely that it is in transition to a new arc after this one? Read on for everything you need to know about the future of Ted Lasso and whether the show is ending with its third season.

Is Ted Lasso ending with season 3?

Nick Mohammed and Jason Sudeikis in Ted Lasso.
Nick Mohammed as Nathan and Jason Sudeikis as Ted in Ted Lasso. Apple TV+

The truth is, we don't know for certain yet. Nothing official has been confirmed by Apple when it comes to the future of the show, and while the cast and crew have said plenty on the matter, none have yet firmly said whether there will be a fourth season or not.

We do know that this season will complete the "arc" that the show has been telling thus far, so it seems likely that if the show does continue it will be markedly different in any later iterations.

We'll keep this page updated with any information as we get it, but for now it seems we will just have to wait and see.

What have the cast of Ted Lasso said about its future?

Brendan Hunt, Jason Sudeikis and Brett Goldstein in Ted Lasso.
Brendan Hunt as Coach Beard, Jason Sudeikis as Ted and Brett Goldstein as Roy in Ted Lasso. Apple TV+

There's been a long history of the cast and crew behind Ted Lasso talking about the series as a three-season arc, which was planned out from the very start.

In June 2021, ahead of the second season streaming on Apple TV+, Jason Sudeikis, who not only plays Ted but is also a creator and executive producer on the show, told Entertainment Weekly that three seasons would complete the "story" the team are telling.

He said: "The story that’s being told – that three-season arc – is one that I see, know, and understood. I’m glad that they are willing to pay for those three seasons. As far as what happens after that, who knows? I don’t know."

This was followed by writer and Roy Kent star Brett Goldstein confirming the same in 2022. When asked if season 3 would be the end, Goldstein told The Sunday Times: “We are writing it like that. It was planned as three. Spoiler alert — everyone dies."

Then, creator, executive producer and Coach Beard star Brendan Hunt chipped in, telling Consequence that while this arc was indeed ending, another is "possible" beyond that, opening the door slightly for more seasons.

Nick Mohammed, Anthony Head and Jason Sudeikis in Ted Lasso
A first look at Ted Lasso season 3. Apple TV+

He said: "Yes. Another arc is possible after this, for sure. We have always seen it as some kind of three-beat thing. Originally those three beats were more going to be modelled on what The Office did, you know, six eps, a special, boom, we’re done. We’ve certainly expanded those beats, but it does not mean that the whole kit and caboodle is getting chucked."

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In January 2023, Goldstein played coy with the Happy Sad Confused podcast, suggesting we may not know the show's future until the end of season 3 has arrived.

He said: "We can't say anything and we can't say anything, partly because I'm not allowed to say anything, but also I get that everyone wants to know stuff but wouldn't it be better if you don't know anything? There's so few surprises [anymore] and if you’re into it, how wonderful to discover it again in a new way. I don’t want to spoil anything."

Most recently, Sudeikis once again addressed the question in an interview with Deadline, confirming that this is "the end of this story", and said fans may realise why by the end of the season.

"This is the end of this story that we wanted to tell, that we were hoping to tell, that we loved to tell," he said. "The fact that folks will want more and are curious beyond more than what they don’t even know yet — that being season 3 — it’s flattering.

"Maybe by May 31st, once all 12 episodes of the season [have been released], they’re like, 'Man, you know what, we get it, we’re fine. We don’t need anymore, we got it.' But until that time comes, I will appreciate the curiosity beyond what we’ve come up with so far."

Will there be Ted Lasso spin-offs?

Brett Goldstein and Juno Temple in Ted Lasso.
Brett Goldstein as Roy and Juno Temple as Keeley in Ted Lasso. Apple TV+

This seems like it could be the most likely route through which the show could continue. If the arc that the creatives keep talking about started with the arrival of Ted in the first episode, couldn't the end of that be Ted leaving once more? Sudeikis is, after all, a busy man who has to live abroad for stretches at a time to shoot the show.

One could imagine a world in which Ted leaves at the end of the season, making way for a spin-off show focussing on other characters who are staying put at Richmond AFC.

When the idea of spin-offs was put to Sudeikis in his Deadline interview, he said: "Yeah, I think that we’ve set the table for all sorts of folks… to get to watch the further telling of these stories.

"Again, I can’t help but take the question as flattery for what all of us that were working on the show have tried to do. It’s really kind of folks to even consider that because you never know what’s gonna happen when you make things. The fact that people want more, even if it’s a different avenue, is lovely."

That certainly doesn't sound like a no, so watch this space...

Ted Lasso seasons 1-2 are streaming now on Apple TV+ and season 3 is arriving Wednesday 15th March — you can sign up to Apple TV+ here.

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