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South Park: The Vaccination Special - how to watch in the UK

Let's hope they save a jab for Kenny.

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Published: Wednesday, 10th March 2021 at 6:00 pm

Even South Park isn't exempt from social distancing.


Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny have been wearing masks and sanitising their hands like the rest of us, as we saw in the South Park Pandemic Special. The good news is that the vaccine has arrived in Colorado, meaning the show is able to present another feature length episode, the Vaccination Special.

But how can we watch it here in the UK? Don't worry, we have all the details below.

What is the South Park Vaccination Special?

Following on from the successful Pandemic Special, the Vaccination Special is another 'one hour event' giving coronavirus the South Park treatment. We know that much of the story will focus on the boys' attempt to secure a vaccination for their teacher at South Park Elementary. They must overcome a militant group who wish to stand in their way.

You can watch a teaser here:

How to watch South Park in the UK

There are lots of places to watch South Park, so take a deep breath.

Seasons 1-23 are available on NowTV and Amazon Prime Video.

Season 1, seasons 20-23 and selected other episodes are available on Netflix.

You can also watch the show on Comedy Central.

When is the South Park Vaccination Special on in the UK?

The episode airs in the US tonight, but unfortunately there's a couple of days to wait before we can watch here in the UK. Don't miss the Vaccination Special on Friday night (that's 12th March) at 10pm on Comedy Central.

What is the South Park Pandemic Special?

One of South Park's great strengths is its ability to reflect and satirise political and social events, so of course they were going to write an episode about the global pandemic that shook the world.

Airing in the US last September, Trey Parker and Matt Stone gave their take on coronavirus in their first ever one hour episode. The plot tells the story of Stan's dad, Randy being responsible for spreading the virus around town, and locked down Cartman being reluctant to get out of his PJs (we've all been there, mate).

You can watch the trailer here:

Can I watch the South Park Pandemic Special in the UK?

The South Park Pandemic Special is available to watch on NOWTV, along with every episode from Series 1-23. That's a lot of episodes. You can also find the full collection and the Pandemic Special on Amazon Prime Video. Or, if you prefer, you can enjoy a Friday night double bill, as Comedy Central will air the Vaccination Special at 10pm, followed by the Pandemic Special. Lots of options, so no excuse not to catch up!


The South Park Vaccination special airs on Comedy Central on Friday 12 March at 10pm. If you're looking for something else to watch, check out our TV Guide.


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