It's been a busy time for Sharon Horgan, who last night (Sunday 14th May) picked up the BAFTA TV Award for Drama Series for Bad Sisters, alongside co-stars Eva Birthistle, Sarah Greene and Anne-Marie Duff.


Speaking to and other press at the BAFTA TV Awards 2023, Horgan and the cast reflected on their win and the upcoming second season of the hit Apple TV+ series. But when quizzed about the future of her other hit comedy, Motherland, Horgan left much in the air about a potential fourth season.

When asked about whether there will be another season of the loveable comedy series, which Horgan created with Helen Serafinowicz, Graham Linehan and Holly Walsh, she said: "I mean, I'd love to. We're making our US version of Motherland, that's exciting, with Ellie Kemper."

She added: "I can't really say about the other one, it's really tricky to keep getting that cast together, I think I'd say. We're waiting to see what happens."

For the US version of the sitcom, Kemper is tipped to play Julia, who is played by Anna Maxwell Martin in the UK version, while Deadpool's Karan Soni is reportedly in talks to play Calvin – the US version of Kevin (Paul Ready).

But Horgan's right – the original UK cast is well and truly busy at the moment so the future of Motherland remains a mystery. Tanya Moodie has just been confirmed as a new addition to Prime Video's Rings of Power, while Anna Maxwell Martin is set to lead new ITV Delia Balmer true crime drama with Endeavour's Shaun Evans.

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Horgan's comments follow on from similar sentiments shared by Motherland's Diane Morgan who spoke exclusively to at the Radio Times Cover Party and revealed that while there have been "conversations" about another season, nothing is set in stone.

When asked about Motherland season 4, she admitted: "I don't know. There have been conversations. It's very difficult to get that cast together but you never know. Who knows?"

Cast of Motherland: Last Christmas
Motherland: Last Christmas – Kevin (PAUL READY), Julia (ANNA MAXWELL MARTIN), Liz (DIANE MORGAN), Anne (PHILIPPA DUNNE), Amanda (LUCY PUNCH), Meg (TANYA MOODIE) BBC

On whether it is a case of scheduling and making sure everyone is free, she said: "Yeah, yeah. And the writers, the actors, they're all successful people. It's very difficult getting them in a room together."

As for Horgan, she also admitted on the eve of her BAFTA win that all of her US projects "are just like in a pile now" in support of the writer's strikes. In regards to Bad Sisters season 2, Horgan said: "We have an enormous wish list at the moment with casting of new characters" but as for any more details of the Apple TV+ series, we'll just have to wait and see.

The series was only ever intended to be a one-off but Horgan said in an interview with Radio Times magazine that "while we were on set I kept thinking of this one idea that could be a possible second season".

She continued: "The first series did have a lovely end, but I think when you kill a man, when you put yourself through that – and there were five of them in it – life is going to change. You don’t just dust yourself off and get on with your life. I was interested in what would happen to these women next. And we’ll find out.”

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