Sacha Baron-Cohen’s Who is America declines to air Sarah Palin segment – but she makes it into the credits instead

The former US vice presidential candidate was listed as a "special publicity consultant (inadvertent)"

Sarah Palin

Sacha Baron Cohen’s Who is America? concluded its run last night on Channel 4 without airing its much-discussed interview with former US vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, who had called the comedian “evil” and “sick” for tricking her into appearing.


However, Palin did get a brief tribute in the show’s credits, which listed her as a “special publicity consultant (inadvertent)”, presumably referring to the media storm that her comments created before the show’s premiere (there’s no such thing as bad publicity, so they say).

Check out a still of her mention in the credits below.

In July, Palin chastised Baron Cohen for tricking her into travelling across the US to Washington, DC, where she claimed he was disguised as a wheelchair-bound US army veteran to interview her, though US network Showtime later clarified that the character was not disabled – that he used a mobility scooter “to conserve his energy” – and refuted the claim that he appeared as a military veteran.

As the New York Times reports, Showtime refused to explain why the segment did not air. It is possible that she did not sign a release, or that Baron Cohen didn’t find the segment worthy of the final cut.

Instead, the finale saw him trying to squeeze a murder admission out of OJ Simpson. He didn’t succeed.


Who is America? is available to stream on All4

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