Cancelled comedy The Mindy Project has been saved. That’s the good news…

Now for the bad news: the new series will be streamed on Hulu, which is not available in the UK. Why must this be so hard?

Ask and ye shall receive: cancelled comedy The Mindy Project has been saved.


Sadly for British Mindy Kaling fans, it’s not quite that simple. A fourth season of the US comedy has been picked up by Hulu, an internet streaming service not currently available in the UK.

With one hand she giveth, with the other she taketh away…

The Mindy Project is shown on E4 in the UK, with the third season set to be shown later this year. But US broadcaster Fox announced earlier this month that the comedy had been axed.

Hulu moved quickly to acquire the axed show, and just over a week later revealed that they had commissioned 26 new episodes and bought the exclusive rights to all previous episodes.

“I am thrilled The Mindy Project has found a new home on Hulu, where so many of our fans are already watching the show,” creator Mindy Kaling said. “It’s such an exciting place to be.”

Yes it is – if you’re not IP blocked. The future for the show in the UK is yet to be decided given that season three has not even been shown on E4 yet.


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At least there is a future for The Mindy Project, which joins an ever-growing list of axed shows given new life online.

US comedies Community and Arrested Development join British period thriller Ripper Street as just some examples of shows which have been picked up by streaming services following a broadcast axe.

Amazon Prime Instant Video recently commissioned two more series of Ripper Street, and when BBC3 drama In The Flesh was cancelled in January 2015, Amazon told “We’re always keen to hear about shows our customers would like to see more of. Ripper Street season three has been a great success for us with fans of the show enjoying the Amazon cut of each episode available on Prime Instant Video.”


The lesson is easy: kick up enough of a fuss, and someone might just listen. Now, which cancelled UK show needs a little loving next?