Crystal Moselle's acclaimed comedy series about a group of female skateboarders navigating sexuality, friendship - and perfecting their kickflips - will be available for UK viewers to watch this summer.


Read on for everything you need to know about Betty, starring real-life skateboarders who play fictionalised versions of themselves.

When is Sky comedy Betty on TV?

Betty will premiere on Tuesday 9th June on Sky Comedy and NOW TV for UK viewers. The six-part series will air weekly after that on Sky Comedy, but will also be available to binge-watch as a boxset on NOW TV.

You can sign up for an Entertainment Pass to get access to Sky Comedy on NOW TV for £8.99 a month. Or sign up for Sky TV here.

Over the pond, the series first premiered on HBO on Friday 1st May.

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What is Betty about?

Donald’s unauthorized shadiness finds Janay reeling while Kirt, Indigo, and Honeybear deal with the territorial skater boys. Camille and Bambi hang under awkward circumstances.

The show is a teen comedy created by American filmmaker Crystal Moselle, and is inspired by Moselle's 2018 film Skate Kitchen, also about a group of female skateboarders. The series Betty serves as a television spin-off to the film.

Most of the film's cast return for the series, which follows a group of teenage female skateboarders who are trying to make it in the male-dominated world of skateboarding.

The actors are all skilled skateboarders and members of the real-life New York group 'Skate Kitchen,' and play fictionalised versions of themselves in the show. The cast includes Dede Lovelace as Janay, Moonbear as Honeybear, Nina Moran as Kirt, Ajani Russell as Indigo, and Rachelle Vinberg as Camille.

Is there a trailer for Betty?

Yes, you can watch it below.


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