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America is having another go at remaking Peep Show

The comedy's producers confirm that another attempt at adapting the David Mitchell and Robert Webb series for a US audience is in the works logo
Published: Friday, 26th June 2015 at 1:07 pm

This autumn Channel 4 will air the ninth and final series of cult comedy Peep Show starring David Mitchell and Robert Webb as hapless flatmates Jez and Mark. But fans may – or may not – be glad to hear that the series could be resurrected in the US as a third attempt is underway to adapt the show for American viewers.


Objective Productions, the producers of the comedy, have confirmed that the company’s US division Objective USA “is in negotiations about Peep Show in America” but was unable to comment further. understands that the producer is a "major US player" and the current aim is to recast the comedy with American actors.

It is also understood that it will be scripted by the creators of the UK show, Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain, but Objective was unable to confirm any of these additional details.

There have been two unsuccessful attempts to make an American version of the groundbreaking comedy.

The first attempt came in 2005 when Fox hired Jeff and Jackie Filgo (who both worked on That 70s Show) to develop it for the US market, but this didn't make it beyond the script stage.

Armstrong and Bain penned the most recent attempt in 2008 but their pilot script for Spike TV also failed to get off the ground.

The last ever UK Peep Show (as it may one day be called) will return to Channel 4 in the autumn with Mitchell and Webb starring alongside other regulars such as Matt King’s Super Hans.

Olivia Colman, who plays Mark’s on-off love interest the sensible Sophie Chapman, is also trying to appear in the comedy. The actress, who is pregnant, told Radio Times this month that she was hoping to fit filming around the August due date of her baby.


“I’ve seen the writers,” she said. “And I’ve said I’d do anything, even a drive-by scene, to be in it.”


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