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Stranger Things in Roblox guide: How to play Starcourt Mall minigames

Travel back to the ‘80s with an unexpected pop-culture crossover, but watch out for a few glitches!

Stranger Things Roblox
Netflix/Roblox Corp
Published: Wednesday, 23rd June 2021 at 12:48 pm

Roblox and Stranger Things are the latest pop-culture icons to host a crossover in the gaming world, with an official Starcourt Mall experience being added to the hugely popular free-to-play game.


Starcourt Mall, of course, was a key location in Stranger Things season three, playing host to a number of important scenes as well as providing a steady stream of nostalgic nods and references for the viewers at home to enjoy.

And now the mall has been added to Roblox, with Netflix and Roblox Corp teaming up to make an interactive version of the fictional shopping centre. There are four minigames for players to find and enjoy in this digital version of the mall.

But how do you actually play the Stranger Things content in Roblox, and what are the four minigames in the Starcourt Mall all about? Keep on reading for all the essential details, including a couple of glitches we found.

How to play the Stranger Things Starcourt Mall experience in Roblox

That’s an easy one! If you want to try out the Starcourt Mall content in Roblox for yourself, all you need to do is head over to the official website for the experience.

Once you’ve signed up for Roblox and logged in, you should see a big green play button. Press it and you will be prompted to download Roblox (if you haven’t already). When that is done, pressing the green play button again should take you into the Stranger Things fun.

Players are invited to “complete daily quests, ascend the daily leaderboard, and earn Star Coins to exchange for brand new Stranger Things-themed avatar items”. There’s plenty to be getting on with, then, and it doesn’t cost a penny!

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Where are the Stranger Things minigames in the Starcourt Mall on Roblox?

Scoops Ahoy makes an appearance in the Roblox version of Stranger Things' Starcourt Mall.
Scoops Ahoy makes an appearance in the Roblox version of Stranger Things' Starcourt Mall. Netflix/Roblox Corp

There are four minigames to sink your teeth into here, and we've got all the details on what they are - and where to find them - in our handy guide below.

Delivery Dash (1 Player)

If you’re not sure where to get started, we’d recommend heading downstairs to the food court and chatting to Steve and Robin in Scoops Ahoy. This will kickstart the Delivery Dash minigame, which will task you with delivering ice cream to customers around the mall.

Hawkins Lab Escape (5 vs. 1 Multiplayer)

Head to the cinema on the first floor of the mall and speak to Eleven (she should be on the left as you walk in). She'll ask for your help and give you the option to join this minigame with five other random players. Five of you will be randomly selected to be survivors, while the sixth player will be the Demogorgon that must try to hunt you down.

Dueling Dice (1-2 Players)

On the first floor of the mall, head to the store called Dueling Dice and find yourself a table at the back. You'll be paired with a real player or an AI one, and then you'll face off against them in a short but sweet homage to Dungeons & Dragons.

Hi-Score Slingshot (1 Player)

Also on the first floor, you'll find a store called Hi-Score Slingshot. Head to the shooting range at the back of the store, interact with a slingshot, and you'll soon be playing a simple shooting gallery experience. Make sure you shoot the cardboard monsters rather than the cardboard people, because the latter will penalise you with a minus score.

Watch out for Mike's reward glitch in the Stranger Things Roblox event

It’s worth being aware that this Roblox/Stranger Things event is a work in progress, though. The official webpage for this crossover notes: “This experience is currently in beta. We appreciate your patience while we work to correct any existing bugs and issues.”

One glitch that we've found revolves around Mike, the character from the show, who is stood at the top of an escalator near the mall's entrance in the game. Whatever we do in the game, Mike just says the same thing: "I think there are a few more activities we could use your help with before handing you the reward."

Looking around online, it sounds like Mike is supposed to give you a choice of rewards - and open the item stores downstairs for you - after you complete all four of the minigames. We've done that, though, and Mike doesn't seem to do anything. We can't find a fix for that at the moment, so hopefully someone is working on it behind the scenes.

There also seems to be some sort of quest menu missing, which might help us work out what Mike wants us to do. But still, there’s plenty of charming fun to be found in Starcourt Mall - if you're not too fussed about rewards - and it’s worth keeping an eye out for Easter eggs, too!

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