The trendiest mobile design of the 90s and 00's, the flip phone fell out of fashion once the touch screen changed smartphones forever. Come 2020 however and it's a different story - Nokia has released a retro flip phone, Samsung and Microsoft are pioneering the folding phone, and now Samsung is working on one of the very first high-end, vertical folding flip phones.


Here’s a round-up of the latest news and rumours for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, expected to be announced at Galaxy Unpacked this month.

When is the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip released?

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is likely to be announced at the Galaxy Unpacked event on February 11th and will be available to purchase soon after.

It's a good time for Samsung Galaxy fans - the Samsung Galaxy S11/S20 will also almost certainly be announced at the San Francisco event.

How much will the Galaxy Z Flip cost?

Pricing information is never announced for devices until much closer to sale, but the flip phone is thought to be more affordable than Samsung's flagship £1,900 Galaxy Fold. Most rumours point towards the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip costing around $1,400 and £1,300, which sounds about right for a slightly lower-spec fold phone.

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What might we expect from the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip?

There is a huge amount of secrecy over all tech launches, and in this case, we have no previous models and upgrades to speculate over. However this close to release there has been plenty of the usual rumours and leaks, allowing us to build a fairly good picture of what to expect...


Most rumours point to 25gGB storage, which makes sense as the price point is between the 128GB Galaxy S10 and the 512GB Galaxy Fold. However, there is not thought to be any external storage support through microSD.


The consensus seems to be that there will be dual cameras on the exterior, a main camera and an ultra-wide lens both at 12MP. The interior is said to have a single punch-hole 10MP camera that offers autofocus.


Several long-running rumours and leaks have pointed to a Snapdragon 855+, though as Samsung usually uses their own Exynos processors in Europe this may well change for the UK edition. Interestingly while the Snapdragon 855+ is solid hardware, they seemed to have passed over the more powerful Snapdragon 865 which will be seen in several other phones launching around this time.

5G capability

While Samsung seems to be embracing 5G technology with the Galaxy Fold and the upcoming S11/S20, most leaks and rumours curiously point to the Z Flip being 4G only, particularly if it is sporting the Snapdragon 855+.

Samsung clearly has no issue with this new data network, so it seems the lack of 5G support and a slightly older processor might be an attempt to make their second foldable phone more affordable than the costly Galaxy Fold.

Screen size

The leaked video above gives a pretty good idea of screen size. The screen has long been rumoured to be 6.7 inches, and is thought to be made of new ultra-thin glass Samsung has developed to prevent the display issues of the Galaxy Fold's plastic screen.

The video seems to back up rumours of a small one-inch screen on the exterior that can be used to check notifications and a camera display.



The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is thought to support wireless charging and reverse wireless charging, and possibly even fast charging.