It's flagship phone season! Thanks to a little event called the Mobile World Conference, almost all the major mobile companies will be announcing their premium high-end smartphones, including LG. Their G series has been moving along for quite a while now, and the G9 ThinQ is appropriately sounding like their best one yet - if it ever releases in the UK...


When is the LG G9 ThinQ released?

While there hasn't been any official word, we will most likely see the LG G9 ThinQ unveiled at the Mobile World Conference (MWC) later this month. LG has a history of announcing new phones at the annual conference, including the LG G8 at MWC 2019. Most companies are organising press conferences the day before the actual event, so we expect LG to do the same and announce the handset on 23rd February 2020.

The device would then start shipping soon after, probably in March.

How much will the LG G9 ThinQ cost?

Not much is known about the LG G9 ThinQ's price, but the LG G8 launched at $819. As the G8 never came out in the UK, it is unknown what the UK price will be - or if it will even be released here at all - but that price converts to about £640.

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What might we expect from the LG G9 ThinQ?

As with all major tech launches, there is a huge amount of secrecy around the new product – but we've heard a few good things about LG's latest through rumours recently.

Here’s a round-up of the latest news and rumours for the G9 ThinQ, expected to be the next major phone release from LG.


Storage is unknown at this point, but we expect the G9 ThinQ to have at least the 128GB capacity the G8 did, if not more. Likewise, with expandable memory - the G8 supported microSD cards up to a whopping 2TB.


'Leaked' images suggest the G9 ThinQ will continue the trend of multiple cameras, with the most recent showing four rear cameras complete with dual flash. The megapixel count is currently unknown, but we can expect a main camera, an ultrawide lens, a telephoto lens and possibly a Time of flight camera for better portraits.

The front may also have a front camera bringing the grand total to five.


As with most high-end phones launching right now, the G9 ThinQ will likely use the powerful Snapdragon 865.

5G capability

At MWC last year LG announced that they planned to keep the G series 4G, but the market has changed a lot since then. 5G is becoming the norm amongst flagship phones, and the rumoured Snapdragon 865 supports the data network as standard - LG's hand may well have been forced towards 5G with the G9 ThinQ.

So, at this stage, it’s not clear whether the LG G9 ThinQ will have 5G capability.

Screen size

Rumours suggest the G9 ThinQ will have a 6.7-6.9-inch screen, which would be a huge increase from the 6.1-inch display of the G8.



As with previous LG releases, we expect the G9 ThinQ to support wireless charging.