With so many characters to choose from, it is going to be hard to separate the good from the bad in Star Wars: Hunters, but fortunately we’ve had plenty of time with the game to guide you.


Star Wars: Hunters is finally upon us, as the competitive arena shooter has now launched on iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch.

It pits teams of players against each other, with various characters inspired by fan favourite Star Wars personas being available to choose from.

Don’t expect Luke Skywalker or Darth Maul in Hunters, but instead there are plenty of original names to play as, including a towering Wookiee called Grozz and a tech whizz named Sprocket.

So, where do you begin when selecting your character of choice in Star Wars: Hunters? Read on for our guide on the best of the best. Or check out the video above to see our Star Wars: Hunters tier list in a more visual way!

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How many Star Wars: Hunters characters are in the game at launch?

There are 12 different characters to choose from in Star Wars: Hunters at launch.

They are all originally designed but some are reminiscent of fan favourites already featured in the franchise, such as Zaina, who is a Rebel war hero not unlike Han Solo.

Players will also have three character classes to choose from, including Tank, Support and Damage, which all have different perks and abilities.

A Mandalorian called Aran Tal is also coming to the game eventually, once an Arena Pass has been released, but at launch he is unavailable. We’ll update you once more information has been published.

Who's the best Star Wars: Hunters character?

Our Gaming Editor, Rob Leane, went along to a Star Wars: Hunters event recently, and here are his thoughts on the best characters in the game.

From my time playing all the different modes across multiple matches at the preview event, regularly switching between characters while the other players also mixed it up, I would argue that Sentinel is the most consistently reliable character.

His shield ability comes in handy at any time you need to defend or protect anything, while his Ultimate move (which calls in temporary support from multiple other stormtroopers) is arguably unbeatable.

That being said, the character Slingshot was quite overpowered in the Rocket League-like Hutt Ball mode, as its round shape comes in useful when trying to traverse the pitch.

Star Wars: Hunters tier list

This will change over time (Rob Leane writes), but based on my time in the preview event, I’d say this tier list is fair:

  • S Tier - Sentinel
  • A Tier - Slingshot, Imara Vex, Aran Tal
  • B Tier - Utooni, J-3DI, Rieve, Grozz, Diago
  • C Tier - Skora, Charr
  • D Tier - Sprocket, Zaina

Personal playstyle will also be a factor. I didn’t jive well with melee at all, as you have to get close and when doing so I got ruined everytime. Therefore, all my favourite picks are characters that use more ranged attacks.

Full list of Star Wars: Hunters characters

Here is a full list and breakdown of all the characters currently available in Star Wars: Hunters.


A stormtrooper with a gun
Sentinel in Star Wars: Hunters. Zynga

A remnant of the days of the Empire, Sentinel is a stormtrooper who wields an E-Web Heavy repeater firearm that has the ability to overwhelm enemies with rapid firepower.

He can also summon two extra troopers, who will follow him throughout the match and shoot opponents too.


Slingshot in Star Wars Hunters putting his thumb up and sitting in a purple Droideka
Slingshot in Star Wars: Hunters. Zynga

Slingshot combines the power of an Ugnaught named Dizzy and a droideka battle droid (you’ll recognise those from the prequel trilogy).

Nimble and speedy, Slingshot is armed with twin blaster cannons and can roll at high speed towards enemies, knocking them backwards, or stomp across the map and slam down on foes as he hits the ground.

Imara Vex

Bounty hunter armed with a rifle
Imara Vex in Star Wars: Hunters. Zynga

A ruthless bounty hunter (we all know one of those), Imara Vex has a custom A280 blaster rifle and can use a tracking scan to reveal a foe’s location on the map once they have reached low health.

Reminiscent of Jango Fett, Vex can also use a pack on her back to fire a barrage of missiles at enemies.

Aran Tal

Mandalorian aiming a pistol
Aran Tal in Star Wars: Hunters. Zynga

Tal is a Mandalorian Vanguard who is the last scion of Clan Tal. He also sports the armour of his fallen ancestors.

Determined and devoted to justice, Aran Tal uses dual blaster pistols combined with a jetpack that allows him to launch into the fray and douse opponents with a huge flame coming from his arm.

Tal is not available at launch, but can be unlocked once the Arena Pass is released.


Two Jawas standing on top of each other
Utooni in Star Wars: Hunters. Zynga

The name may have been a big giveaway, but Utooni is a pair of Jawa brothers who can salvage items from other hunters to convert into powerful weaponry.

Their standard arsenal includes two weapons - a pulse blaster and an arc caster - but more devastatingly, Utooni will drop a sonic grenade when they are eliminated from the match.


A robot Jedi with a blue lightsaber
J-3DI in Star Wars: Hunters. Zynga

Not your traditional Jedi, J-3DI is a custom-built droid that uses a blue lightsaber and has simulated Force powers. When it takes damage, the droid will drop spare parts, which can be picked up and used to heal yourself.

An expert swordsman(/droid?), J-3DI can also spin its lightsaber from the waist in a furious circle that will damage any enemies immediately around you.


Sith warrior wielding a red lightsaber
Rieve in Star Wars: Hunters. Zynga

On the other side of the Force is Rieve, a Dark Side assassin also armed with a lightsaber, albeit a red one.

Aside from being deadly with a blade, she can leap at an enemy and deal damage when landing, or use the Force to pull them towards her before attacking them while they’re on the ground.


A Wookiee from Star Wars
Grozz in Star Wars: Hunters. Zynga

There are few more intimidating presences in the Star Wars universe than a Wookiee. Grozz towers over enemies, can smash them with a set of clubs and has the resiliency to take a lot of damage before he needs to recover.

If that isn’t enough, he can rip up a boulder from the ground and launch it in a frenzy around the map.


Soldier with a rifle on his shoulder
Diago in Star Wars: Hunters. Zynga

Being born without sight has not stopped Diago from becoming an impressive sharpshooter. His Slugthrower Rifle is slow, but when it hits it will deal a lot of damage - not even a lightsaber can deflect its projectiles.

When jumping or gliding through the air, he can use a grapple to anchor himself to a ledge.


Rodian with a backpack and a rifle
Skora in Star Wars: Hunters. Zynga

Just like the bounty hunter Greedo, Skora is a Rodian. She used to work for the Hutt Cartel and can engineer stimpacks for teammates or craft poisons to be used against opponents.

Armed with a dart gun, Skora also has a unique ability to heal herself when not in combat.


Lizard type alien with a large rifle
Charr in Star Wars: Hunters. Zynga

Charr is a hulking Trandoshan who hunts big game for fun. His Scatter Gun will spray pellets at close range for high damage and he can even rush at foes with furious swipes of his claws.


Big eyed alien sitting on a droid
Sprocket in Star Wars: Hunters. Zynga

Sprocket is a tech genius boasting fast reflexes and an array of gadgets that would make Batman or James Bond blush, including a powerful turret and blaster remotes.

When in a state of critical health, he also gains a boost to his speed, which makes getting away from enemies easier.


Soldier aiming a blaster pistol
Zaina in Star Wars: Hunters. Zynga

A battle-hardened veteran of the Rebel Alliance, Zaina has a lot in common with Han Solo. Just like the charismatic smuggler, she uses a custom DL-44 blaster pistol and can increase the healing abilities of her allies thanks to her leadership.

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