Looking for some Star Wars Hunters tips and tricks to elevate your game above the competition? We’ve only gone and got some straight from the developers of the game themselves in an exclusive interview.


It’s time to elevate your game and hunt down the opposition more effectively.

The better you do, the more quickly you’ll unlock character upgrades and complete quests. There’s no shame in wanting to do better that’s for certain.

Before we dive into the tips and tricks – including some of our own – we’ve got another exclusive interview with the game’s developers on whether it will launch on PlayStation or Xbox.

Read on to find out what the developers had to say regarding Star Wars Hunters tips and tricks. Jump to the end of the page for some advice from us after playing the game, too.

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Star Wars Hunters tips and tricks: Developers offer advice

Zaina and Aran Tal from Star Wars Hunters aiming to the left and right of the screen, respectively
Star Wars Hunters. Zynga

Speaking to the developers during an official preview event, we here at RadioTimes.com managed to grab an exclusive set of Star Wars Hunters tips and tricks directly from the people who made it.

Design Director Scott Warner told us: "I mean, it's a team-based shooter. So after you kind of get up and start playing, get acclimated with it, it's about trying to explore how you can work with the team, and how you can work with that team to complete objectives.

"Obviously, the first thing you start with is pretty typical deathmatch sort of mode, but the rest of them are designed around really simple objectives. So that there's very little that has to be explained to you.

"And you can start then thinking about how does my character and its class work with this [other] character and its class, and how does its ability synergize in order to try and protect the objective and be most effective?

"So what we observe, you know, not only through the design of the game, but also from what we observed from just watching players collecting analytics, is that those teams that play together and learn how to work together well, they are the top performing teams. So that's probably the biggest piece of advice is, it's a team game."

Dominic Estephane, Art Director, added: "Pick what works for you. So try every character to see what sticks, what doesn't. And then once you do find your [favourite] characters or character, understand their kit, their role within the team to Scott's point as well. And just have some fun."

Rich Kemp, Senior Art Director, added: "I just have to say, don't be afraid to try everything. You know, the matches are quick. That's accessible. It's fun. It's frantic. So just jump in. Try all the characters. It's not scary. It shouldn't be a scary experience to jump in, like some shooters maybe are."

Our own Star Wars Hunters beginner tips

Star Wars Hunters gameplay
Star Wars Hunters.

Based on our experience with the game, we can offer our own set of Star Wars Hunters beginner tips.

For example, we’d argue that you generally want to pick ranged characters and try to get distance between you and your enemies. Those Lightsabers are cool, but Blasters are easier to use.

It’s worth trying to get some verticality, too, and it’s best to try to outsmart people, try to get behind people – don't just run up to them. Keep a cool head and a nice distance and you’ll do better.

Speaking of keeping cool, always keep an eye on your cooldowns, as well. Don't miss an opportunity to use your legendary attack whenever it is charged!

This may sound obvious, but remember to keep your objective in mind. If the mode you’re in wants you to hold certain control points, there’s no point going anywhere else or engaging with other players on other points of the map.

In Dynamic Control and Power Control, you should simply aim for the control points, try to hold them. Don't faff around and get distracted, as the matches can be quite short and you’ll regret not going for the objective as best you can.

Finally, in Hutt Ball, one key piece of advice is that you want to throw the ball and run onto it (rather than running with the ball in your hands). Holding the ball makes you slower, so you’ll get up the pitch quicker if you throw it, grab it, throw it, grab it, etc.

Now, get out there and start dominating the online battle arenas of Star Wars Hunters with the tips and tricks from us and the developers of the game above.

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