After what felt like forever following its initial reveal, Star Wars: Hunters is finally here - and many of you are wondering whether you’ll be able to play the game on PS4, PS5, Xbox or PC.


Upon the game’s 4th June launch, you cannot play Star Wars: Hunters on PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X/S or PC.

Those looking to play the free-to-play online battle arena game on those platforms will have to look elsewhere.

Will the game launch on PlayStation, Xbox and/or PC in the future? We asked the developers in an exclusive interview at an official preview event for the game.

Keep reading to find out what the Star Wars: Hunters developers had to say about the game releasing on Xbox, PlayStation and PC.

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Which platforms can play Star Wars: Hunters at launch?

Star Wars Hunters gameplay showing a group of characters in battle
Star Wars: Hunters.

At its launch, Star Wars: Hunters is available to play on Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android devices.

It is not on any other platform as of its 4th June release date.

While this is a shame for those who prefer to play on Xbox, PlayStation or PC, we’re sure the game will be able to reach a large enough player base on Switch, iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

The game is being published by Zynga, a company that is famous for its mobile games, so this shouldn't come as a major surprise.

But will the free-to-play Star Wars online battle arena game launch on other platforms later? Read on to find out what we learned from its developers.

Will Star Wars: Hunters come to PS4, Xbox or PC? We asked the developers

It sounds like the Star Wars: Hunters developers do not currently intend to bring the game to any other platforms such as PS4, Xbox or PC.

This is based on an exclusive interview we conducted with the game’s design director during an official preview event for the game.

"We don’t really have any plans right now," Scott Warner told at an official preview event for the game, when we asked specifically about bringing the game to other platforms post-launch.

As for the impetus behind this project, he also said: "An initial genesis of [the project] is that, you know, our company wanted to get into shooters, you know?

"We’ve kind of gone from shooters always being a second screen experience, to games proving that you could actually play them on the phone. And our company president believed that this was kind of a key category we wanted to be in."

Senior art director Rich Kemp added: "Making it cross-platform and Switch makes perfect sense. It is Zynga’s first sort of console release."

As for why they wanted to launch on Switch in particular, Warner added: "It's a very, like, approachable console, it's a broader audience that's on that console. It does kind of, you know, fit with the approachable nature of what we're trying to present. We want it to be easy to pick up and play.

"Those people who invest in it, we want to also have a ramp of skills that they can actually get better at, and learn how to work as a team, play ranked mode, that sort of thing.

"But we want it to be, initially, pick up and play, very friendly, family friendly, good for everybody. And obviously, the Switch is great for that."


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