No more speculation. No more waiting. Well, there is a little, but at least the release date for the highly anticipated remake of Silent Hill 2 is on the horizon - having been finally confirmed at May’s State of Play event.


Since it was first announced in 2022, we’ve received snippets of information on Konami’s upcoming game. Back at January’s State of Play, we were even given a chunky glimpse into what Bloober Team had been working on.

But with this latest update, we’re able to take a full deep-dive into all of the information we have so far, including a confirmed release date, gameplay details, platform requirements and even 13 minutes' worth of footage to analyse.

Read on for everything you need to know about the upcoming Silent Hill 2 remake.

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Silent Hill 2 remake release date

A character pointing a gun at a woman wearing a white dress
Silent Hill.

The Silent Hill 2 remake will be released on 8th October 2024.

This was confirmed at May’s PlayStation State of Play event. The month is unsurprising as Halloween is always a ripe season to release a horror game, particularly one as highly sought-after as Silent Hill 2.

Can I pre-order the Silent Hill 2 remake?

An overview of a car park with a blue car, as a man looks over a ledge in the background
Silent Hill. Konami

Yes, the Silent Hill 2 remake is available for pre-order.

Physical copies of the game can be secured through the usual suspects, including GAME and Amazon. If you’d prefer a digital version of the game, then you can pre-order it on the PlayStation website.

Here, there are two versions of the game to consider. Pre-ordering the standard edition will get you a copy of the game as well as Robbie the Rabbit and Mira the Dog masks.

A deluxe edition is also available, and as you’d expect, this is £10 more expensive, costing £69.99. However, this version does come with far more content, including a digital art book and soundtrack, a Pyramid Head mask, the two masks mentioned above plus 48 hours early access to the game.

It’s good news for PC owners, too, as they can also pre-order Silent Hill 2 remake through Steam.

Which consoles and platforms can play the Silent Hill 2 remake?

Silent Hill. Konami

The Silent Hill 2 remake will launch exclusively on PlayStation 5 and PC.

This is a timed console exclusive for the PS5, though this doesn't mean that developer Bloober Team or Konami won't look to bring the remake to Xbox or other platforms at a later date.

What we do know is that the Silent Hill 2 remake is a console exclusive to PS5 for at least 12 months. A year after the game’s initial release on PS5, it could find itself on other platforms.

Silent Hill 2 remake gameplay and story details

The Silent Hill 2 remake has the same story as the original Silent Hill 2. You play as James Sunderland (ha’way), a man who has received a letter from his deceased wife three years after her death. Upon the request in the letter, you head to Silent Hill (a shared happy place) where things aren’t as James remembers and all sorts of horrifying events take place.

The psychological survival horror is more often than not lauded as the best in the series, so it’s a good place to start with a full-fat 4K remake. As it is a remake, expect there to be some inconsistencies compared to the original when it comes to storytelling and gameplay. It is a remake and not an HD port, after all. Some artistic leeway is allowed and encouraged.

New gameplay footage (below) has shown that the game will now use an over-the-shoulder camera perspective, similar to games such as Resident Evil 4 Remake and Dead Space. This isn’t unsurprising as it seems to be the standard format for survival horror games in the modern era. Long gone are the days of a fixed camera perspective and tank controls.

Sony has also said that enemies have been altered to move in new ways which will make them more "distinctive and unpredictable in combat scenarios".

This will make for an interesting experience as James’s abilities are emphasised to be more modest, which means running away from foes might become a regular thing. There’s no shame in that though, right?

Thanks to the power of Unreal Engine 5, the game’s environments look and feel almost real, which will surely increase the tension in the foggy streets of Silent Hill.

Bloober Team is also promising to make good use of the PS5’s 3D audio capabilities, and to use the DualSense’s haptic feedback and adaptive triggers creatively. The SSD of the PS5 brings no load screens when exploring all of Silent Hill town, too.

Expect the Silent Hill 2 remake to feel like a new game but in a familiar setting.

Is there a Silent Hill 2 remake trailer?

There is a lot of new footage available that shows off just how impressive and eerie Silent Hill 2 remake looks. Aside from the 13-minute clip from May’s State of Play above, we also have a release date trailer, which is below.

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