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New Warzone map release date: When is the new CoD map coming out?

Plus, how Call of Duty: Vanguard players can get early access to the new Warzone Pacific Caldera map.

When is the new Warzone map release date?

It’s an exciting time to be a Call of Duty player. The new Warzone map release date is right around the corner, so it won’t be long until we’re saying goodbye to Verdansk and exploring the Pacific Caldera map for the very first time.


The CoD Warzone new map should level the playing field to an extent, at least for a limited time, as players in the UK and beyond scramble to learn its secrets and understand the lay of the land.

When is the new Warzone map out? The answer to that question is slightly convoluted. For Call of Duty: Vanguard players, the new Warzone map release date will come a little bit earlier than it does for the rest of us.

The new Warzone map date is very close now, so it’s the perfect time to swot up on Pacific Caldera and prepare yourself for the battles ahead. Read on for all the key details!

What is the new Warzone map?

Ahead of the new Warzone map release date, Activision shared this official image.
Ahead of the new Warzone map release date, Activision shared this official image.

Will there be a new Warzone map in 2021? Yes, there will. The new Warzone map goes by the name of Caldera. Previously it was thought to be called Pacific, and even now many think of it as Pacific Caldera – any variation of those will work but Caldera is the official name.

Whatever you decide to call it, its arrival means the end of the road for Verdansk which will be gone when the next update rolls around, and Caldera will be our new action-filled home.

The Call of Duty Blog says: “Visually, Warzone’s Pacific map will be a change of pace from the war-torn environment of Verdansk to something that is more vibrant and alive… and something with plenty of secrets hidden within its beauty.

“There are also plans for continuous and fresh experiences throughout your time in the Pacific. The island is roughly the size of Verdansk and built based on learnings from the community over nearly two years.

“The result is a fun and incredibly compelling gameplay space with numerous points of interest to explore and an exceptional depth of combat potential.” Sounds pretty good, right?

New Warzone map release date

Is a new Warzone map coming out? Yes, it is. When is the Warzone new map? Very soon! There isn’t long left to wait for the new Warzone map date.

The new Warzone map release date is Thursday 9th December 2021, and so, barring any changes, you have just over a week left to make the most of Verdansk before it is no more. Then you’ll be able to install the update and explore the Pacific Caldera map for the first time.

The new Warzone map release date was recently pushed back by a week, but hopefully that was the last of the delays and we really will be able to play it on 9th December.

New Warzone map early access

You can get access to Caldera early if you want to, but only by a day. Those who buy Call of Duty: Vanguard will get access to the map one day ahead of everyone else which is a great way to get an advantage by learning the lay of the land early.

The new Warzone map early access launch date is Wednesday 8th December 2021, then, as long as you pay for CoD Vanguard!

New Warzone map launch time

What time will the new Warzone map come out? That question has not been answered by any official sources as of yet.

If we had to guess, though? We would predict that the new Warzone map launch time will occur at 6pm GMT here in the UK, but we’ll be sure to let you know if that prediction ends up being correct or not.

New Warzone map image reveals key points of interest

Activision’s CCO Pelle Sjoenell revealed the new Warzone map in a tweet, with a patch on a jacket being the unusual way in which he chose to present the information. Take a look below and see if you can wrap your brain around this first-look image of the new Warzone map.

Behold, our first image of the new Warzone map!
Behold, our first image of the new Warzone map!

This new Warzone map image displays the title ‘Operation Alpha’, implying that this is only the alpha version of the map, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see more additions and changes in future. (After all, Verdansk went through plenty of facelifts during its tenure!)

This image of the Pacific Caldera map also reveals a number of points of interest, which we’re just going to list for you now. Who knows which of these POIs will become our future favourites?

  • Ancient Structures
  • Beach Defences
  • City Capital
  • Fishing Village
  • Naval Shipward
  • Ore Processing Docks
  • Phosphor Mines
  • Submarine Base
  • Taro Farms
  • Volcano

New Warzone map gameplay footage

Want to see the new Warzone map gameplay footage? Well here is quite a bit of it courtesy of CoD YouTuber JackFrags – who, by the way, is well worth subscribing to if you want some great Call of Duty content.

Will Verdansk be removed from Warzone?

If you’re wondering whether Verdansk will be removed from Warzone when the Pacific Caldera map arrives, the answer to that question is yes! The developers have confirmed that Caldera is an all-out replacement for Verdansk, so that much-loved map will be disappearing from the game for the foreseeable future.

Will Verdansk ever come back? That’s a trickier question to answer – we know that it will be removed when Caldera arrives, but only time will tell if Verdansk is added back into Warzone later. Who knows, perhaps there could be a nostalgic return to Verdansk planned at some point in the future?

Will Rebirth Island stay forever? It looks like it! The developers have confirmed that Rebirth Island and Resurgence will be staying in Warzone when the Caldera map arrives, so don’t worry on that front.

New Warzone map trailer

Want a Warzone Pacific trailer? Have a cinematic one that shows off how great it looks with style, courtesy of this below tweet! And then just stare at the clock until 9th December comes around.

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