GamesMaster is back! But how do you watch the GamesMaster reboot in the UK? If that question has been rattling around in your brain, fear not, because we've got the important details on how you can tune in for E4's exciting revival.


The original GamesMaster debuted on Channel 4 in 1992, before Challenge picked the show up in 2003. But now that E4 is reviving the show, with Sir Trevor McDonald taking up the central role from the late Sir Patrick Moore, how are fans at home supposed to tune in? You may have already noticed that YouTube is playing a part this time around.

So if you're keen to watch the GamesMaster revival, keep on reading and we'll let you know how you're meant to tune in from home for this new set of gaming challenges!

How to watch GamesMaster

The GamesMaster reboot will be available to watch first on the E4 YouTube channel, with the gaming show's revival debuting on the Google-owned video-sharing website.

We don't yet know the precise time at which the new GamesMaster episodes will arrive on YouTube, though, so you want to just keep checking back.

The GamesMaster reboot will also get a traditional broadcast on the E4 TV channel at a later date, but if you want to watch it first, you'll need to head to YouTube!

When is the GamesMaster reboot release date?

The GamesMaster reboot release date will take place on Sunday 21st November 2021. That's the day when the series will launch on YouTube, with the first episode being available to watch on that date.

There's not long to wait, then! We would expect future episodes to also launch on YouTube on Saturdays, so tune in online for free if you just can't wait for the TV broadcast.

When will the GamesMaster reboot air on E4?

The GamesMaster reboot will air its first episode on E4 at 10pm on Wednesday 24th November 2021. We would expect future episodes to air in this same Wednesday night slot on E4, but you could always watch them on YouTube instead (seeing as they debut online on Saturdays).

Who are the GamesMaster presenters?

The presenting line-up for the 2021 GamesMaster reboot.
The presenting line-up for the 2021 GamesMaster reboot.

The GamesMaster presenting line-up has been confirmed for the 2021 reboot, and you've probably already heard that Sir Trevor McDonald is taking over as the eponymous GamesMaster, popping his head into the virtual ether to follow in the footsteps of the late Sir Patrick Moore.

Presenting the 2021 GamesMaster reboot will be Robert "Rab" Florence, Frankie Ward and Ty Logan, all three of whom you might recognise from their significant online presences.

In its official announcement of the new GamesMaster cast, Channel 4 described Rab Florence as "a writer, actor and presenter who has written and starred in a range of BBC comedies, including Burnistoun and The Scotts, as well as computer games show, VideoGaiden."

Ward, meanwhile, was described as "an established face in esports, known for desk and stage hosting, as well as interviewing players across numerous game titles".

Logan will make his broadcast debut with GamesMaster, with Channel 4 describing him as "an actor, writer and social media content creator".

The original GamesMaster series was hosted mainly by Dominik Diamond, with Dexter Fletcher stepping in for a number of episodes in the show's third series.

How many episodes does the GamesMaster reboot have?

The GamesMaster reboot will consist of three episodes, each of which will run for around an hour. Only time will tell if more episodes are ordered after that initial run, but we'll be sure to let you know if they are! Certainly, Channel 4 will be hoping for a hit here.

GamesMaster reboot trailer

There is a trailer for the GamesMaster reboot, and you can watch it right here! Take a look at the clip below and get yourself ready to witness another swathe of gaming challenges. It should be fun!

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