You would think that the upcoming GTA 6 reveal trailer would be enough to assuage the rumour mill for even a moment, but no – even the soundtrack of said trailer is subject to analysis.


So we’ll be looking at this supposed GTA 6 song as trailer rumours send fans flocking to a 1983 hit.

Perhaps we’ll even see rumours about how the trailer has been encoded. Will it be H. 264, AV1? Will it be mastered for HDR 10+ and Dolby Vision? We won’t rest until we know if it will support Dolby Atmos.

Jokes aside, it will be interesting to see if the trailer is 30 or 60 frames per second, as this would tell us a lot about the target performance spec of GTA 6- and at least we’ll get a glimpse of the Grand Theft Auto 6 map.

But enough lamentations! Read on to see if the rumours are credible or not. At the very least – you’ll get to listen to a catchy tune.

What is the rumoured GTA 6 trailer song?

The rumoured GTA 6 trailer song is none other than That's All by English rock band Genesis.

First released in 1983, Genesis frontman Phil Collins said that the track was their take on a Beatles pop song, and that he even took a stab at a Ringo Starr-inspired drum beat as he told Hitmen in 1986 (archived web page).

Check it out just below!

Amusingly, many of the most recent comments all pertain to the rumours, with @lunaticray8094 employing some tongue-in-cheek humour by pretending that he’s listening to the song years on from GTA 6’s release: "Can’t believe it’s already been 5 years since GTA 6. This song gives me so much nostalgia."

Others such as @Marizyth sound their approval for the potential inclusion for the upcoming trailer, saying, "This would slap as a trailer song."

Where did the GTA 6 trailer song rumours come from?

The genesis from u/FollowTheDamnLeakCJ and their 'Trailer Description' leak over on Reddit, which we have covered in the past.

This description supposedly comes from the Redditor’s wife, who is said to work for Rockstar and told him all about it when she got home after watching it.

Check it out below.

It goes into suspicious detail for something that was told to them secondhand, but the rumour is currently marked as 'grain of salt' on the GTA 6 subreddit.

Time will tell if it comes to pass or not. There’s only a short few weeks until December, so it’s not far off!

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