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Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins could spawn "totally different" sequels, if fans show their support

Will there be a sequel to Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins? That may well be down to the fans.

The official logo for Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins.
Maze Theory
Published: Wednesday, 17th March 2021 at 5:44 pm

Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins is the latest foray into video games by the BBC's flagship sci-fi franchise. And now the game's publisher is calling on fans to show their support, especially if they want sequels.


Ian Hambleton, CEO of the game's publisher Maze Theory, told that fan support could be key in deciding whether sequels follow on from Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins.

The game - which is primarily designed for mobile phones, but will also get a release on PC and Nintendo Switch - brings back Ingrid Oliver's Osgood and Finlay Robertson's Larry Nightingale, with the player piecing together a mystery involving the terrifying Weeping Angels.

"I just really hope that Who fans get behind it and and support it," Hambleton told us exclusively. "Because if we see that the Whovian audience, like, their number one thing that they want is more games, we'd love to do more of them. And basically, there's a lot of talk between us and [the game's developers at] Kaigan about a sequel, as long as this does pretty well, and fans get behind it and buy it and support it and tell their friends."

Teasing what the future of this mobile-centric Doctor Who gaming series could entail, Hambleton said, "I think we've realised that this is a format that we can almost go episodic with, and pretty easily. There were another four different scripts that we basically, regrettably didn't get to do. So we'd love to do them."

Would these sequels feature the Weeping Angels again, or would they go in a different direction? "Totally different," says Hambleton. "Different monsters, but also a couple are sort of original stories, which I think is a bit interesting. It's like, it's nice to revisit the big ones. Big monsters. But I also think, [we want] some new stuff, as well. And there's some well-known characters, as well. So yeah, Gavin [Collinson] did a raft [of scripts]. We'd have to revisit them and pick a few. But I would love to sort of get into a rhythm of releasing something like this every six to nine months, because then you've got like a whole set of the things."

So if you want a load more Doctor Who games of a similar ilk to The Lonely Assassins, it might be wise to vote with your wallet and buy the new game. The Lonely Assassins price is pretty reasonable, too, as we mentioned to Hambleton.

"I don't want to go too salesy on that," he said, "but you know, the game is gonna be £3.99, but if you buy it, if you preorder it now, or preorder it before the launch, or buy it within the first 24 hours, you get it for £2.99."

Hambleton added: "So, you know, it is that mutual support thing, I guess, isn't it? With this sort of thing, it's like, we want to make the games for the fans. And hopefully, if they get out and buy it, we can make more content and make their lives better. But it is that - it's a bit of a symbiotic relationship, right?"

Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins launches 19th March for iOs, Android and PC, with the Switch release following at a later date. You can hear more of our exclusive Lonely Assassins interview in the Doctor Who Podcast.

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