The ending to the Dead Space remake might not necessarily impress you, or you may just want more out of EA’s survival horror. Fortunately, if you fall into either camp, you might like to know that there is a hidden alternate ending in the game.


Alternative and secret endings always add replay value to a game. Knowing how to unlock them can be vital information to be aware of before starting a game for the first time if you’re looking for that “true” ending.

Unfortunately, unlocking the secret ending in the Dead Space remake will require two playthroughs of the entire game. Given how long it takes to complete the campaign, you will need to put some time into this one.

If you’ve got the time, patience, and stamina (this is a horror game after all), here’s how to unlock the Dead Space remake alternate ending.

How to get the Dead Space remake alternate ending

To get the Dead Space remake secret ending, you need to finish the game and all of its chapters and unlock New Game Plus mode. During your New Game Plus playthrough, you will need to find and collect all 12 Marker Fragments before placing them back into the Shrine in the Captain’s Quarters.

Collect all 12 Marker Fragments and complete the game on New Game Plus mode and you will unlock the alternate ending in Dead Space remake.

That’s all there is to it. Unfortunately, finding the Marker Fragments is another task entirely. It won’t be simple, but it will be worth it to watch the brand new alternate ending that better sets you up for the events of Dead Space 2.

You will find Marker Fragments across the map, and you will spot them if you explore thoroughly enough. Remember to check every room! Always good advice in a survival horror anyway as you may find precious ammunition too.

Here are the precise Marker Fragment locations in the Dead Space remake:

  • Marker Fragment one: Hangar-Cargo-Tram Control, Maintenance Bay (floor one)
  • Marker Fragment two: Medical, De. T. Kyne - CSO office (floor one)
  • Marker Fragment three: Engineering, Engine Room (floor three)
  • Marker Fragment four: Bridge, Break Room (floor one)
  • Marker Fragment five: Medical, Dr. C. Mercer - 250 Office (floor four)
  • Marker Fragment six: Medial, Cryogenics (floor four)
  • Marker Fragment seven: Hydroponics, East Grow Area (floor four)
  • Marker Fragment eight: Mining, Mineral Sample (floor five)
  • Marker Fragment nine: Communications Hub (floor 2)
  • Marker Fragment 10: Crew Quarters, Deluxe Shift Bunks (floor three)
  • Marker Fragment 11: Crew Quarters, Inquiry Desks (floor three)
  • Marker Fragment 12: Hangar-Cargo-Tram Control, Cargo Bay (floor one)

Remember that once you have collected all 12 Marker Fragments, you will need to return them to the Shrine in Crew Quarters, Captains Quarters (floor three). Do this, complete the game, and sit back and watch the Dead Space remake alternate ending.

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