David Harewood's Alan Wake 2 character — the Dark Place's resident talk show host, Warlin Door — is steeped in mystery by design.


Fans around the web have tried to decrypt his secrets, even going so far as to speculate that Door could be the oft-mentioned missing father of playable character Saga Anderson.

While speaking to Harewood on the red carpet at the BAFTA Games Awards, where the former Supergirl star was handing out the award for Performer in a Leading Role, we couldn't resist the opportunity to ask about these manifold mysteries.

We explained that we'd been down the Reddit rabbit hole of fan theories. We asked if Harewood knew the answers to these questions, or whether Sam Lake and the other developers would only reveal the truth on a need-to-know basis. We specifically mentioned the 'Door is Saga's dad' theory.

You can watch our interview with David Harewood below, if you want to hear his take first-hand. We also touched on his previous experience in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and the rumours that Warlin Door was originally envisioned as an extension of the late, great Lance Reddick's character in Quantum Break.

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If you're more of a written person, we'll spell out what Harewood said below.

To our question about Door's hidden truths, Harewood offered a diplomatic response. "You have to wait and see," he said, before adding something slightly more juicy.

On the fan theory front, Harewood teased, "Some are more accurate than others. But I'd say that's pretty close."

With the familial relationship between Door and Saga being the only theory we specifically mentioned, it's interesting that Harewood only offered a "pretty close" by way of analysis.

It seems like a lot of fans have this particular theory nailed onto their mind palace wall under the label 'sure things', but perhaps it's not quite 100 per cent true. Maybe there's something more to it. Only time will tell, of course!

As for when and where we'll next see Harewood as Warlin Door, we mentioned the two upcoming Alan Wake 2 DLC expansions.

"You may see some of me there," Harewood said, again not giving anything away. He is a pro, after all!

We also touched upon the fact that Warlin Door only existed in Alan Wake 2 as a live-action character.

"I was like, 'When do I get the motion capture gear on?' And they were like, 'No, this is all live-action.' But who knows? I mean, I don't know what the future of the franchise is. But I do hope that I can stay close to Remedy, because they make such fantastic games.

"And who knows? I think Door is actually mentioned in Control. So who knows? I might spring up in another one of their connected universes."

With Harewood's Door being a fascinating presence in Alan Wake 2, we certainly do hope to see more of him soon!

While you wait for all these mysteries to be solved, check out our full list of BAFTA Games Awards 2024 winners or our interview with host Phil Wang. We’ll bring you more of our red carpet coverage soon!


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