We may be continually at war in Call of Duty but that does not mean things can't be festive, and so it's nearly time for this year's CoD Christmas event.


The CoD Christmas event for 2021 is called Festive Fervor and it will provide seasonal treats across Warzone, Vanguard, Black Ops: Cold War and even CoD Mobile.

Activision summed up the CoD Christmas event like so in a recent Call of Duty blog: "From fighting Krampus and hunting down Elf Team Six to getting plenty of holiday gifts and Bundles, Festive Fervor is here to spread plenty of cheer."

If you're ready for some yuletide japes in your Call of Duty game of choice, keep on reading for all the essential details on the CoD Christmas event for 2021.

When is the CoD Christmas event start date?

A genuine promotional image from the 2021 CoD Christmas event.
A genuine promotional image from the 2021 CoD Christmas event. Activision

The CoD Christmas event has a confirmed start date of 16th December 2021. On that day, the main Festive Fervor event will begin in Warzone Pacific and Call of Duty: Vanguard.

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Also on 16th December, Call of Duty Mobile Season 11 will begin, under the wintery title of 'Final Snow'. That mobile version of CoD will receive a new multiplayer mode called Snow Scuffle as part of that event.

And that's not all! From 14th December to 23rd December, there will be new deals to be found every day in the Black Ops: Cold War, CoD Mobile and Warzone stores as part of a promotion called 12 Festive Days of Deals.

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What time does CoD Christmas event start?

Following the Call of Duty update today, Activision has confirmed that another update will arrive for Warzone tomorrow to bring the Festive Fervor event to life.

As revealed in a Call of Duty blog post, the timing of this update leads us to suspect that the Festive Fervor event will start at 9pm PT on 16th December for American players.

Here in the UK, this means that the CoD Christmas event 2021 should launch at 5am BST on 17th December 2021 from a British time zone perspective. Or at least, that's when you should be able to download it.

What is Festive Fervor in CoD Warzone and Vanguard?

An official summary of the CoD Christmas event.
An official summary of the CoD Christmas event. Activision

The official image above provides a handy summary of the CoD Christmas event, Festive Fervor, and what it will bring to both Vanguard and Warzone.

For Vanguard players, there will be a new challenge called Elf Team Six Hunting to enjoy, as well as a limited-time mode called Festive Fervor Armageddon. The Shipment map will also get a holiday reskin to mark the season.

In Warzone Pacific, there will be Deck The Halls Holiday Crates to find scattered around the Caldera map, and there will also be a new challenge named Elf And Seek Hunting.

Across both Vanguard and Warzone, there will be a new challenge called Beware Krampus and new challenges, rewards and bundles to enjoy. The bundles are called Santa's Slay, Krampus Unleashed, Secret Santa and Broken Resolutions. (That last one is very relatable!)

As a Christmas gift, Activision is also making the Vanguard multiplayer modes free-to-play from 16th December to 21st December. Plus, there will be holiday sales on Vanguard as well as the aforementioned 12 Festive Days of Deals promotions that will run every day (up to and including Christmas day) in Warzone and Black Ops: Cold War.

CoD Christmas event 2021 trailer

"Let the warmth of the holidays melt your heart... with a flamethrower." So reads the official description of the Festive Fervor trailer that provided our best look yet at this year's CoD Christmas event. Take a look below to see it for yourself!

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