Following a successful reboot in 2016, the revolutionary first-person shooter is returning in 2020 for more ultra-violent battles with demons, monsters and the undead alike. As the Doom sequel was first announced in 2018, there's clearly been a lot of work put into this Bethesda blockbuster.


Here's everything we know about Doom Eternal, the latest entry in one of gaming's long-running franchises...

When is Doom Eternal released?

After an initial release date of November 2019, a subsequent delay means Doom Eternal will now be hitting shelves on March 20th 2020.

What consoles and platforms will Doom Eternal be released on?

Doom Eternal will be released on all major gaming platforms - namely PS4, Xbox One, Google Stadia and Microsoft Windows, with a Nintendo Switch release later in 2020.

What's Doom Eternal about?

Set two years after 2016's reboot, players will once again take control of the Doom Slayer as they return to Earth, which has been overrun by Hell's army. Armed with all manner of over-the-top firearms and melee weapons, players will then have to "raze hell" as they battle through waves of demonic forces in order to save Earth from annihilation.

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The game will include new features such as wall-climbing, dash moves, a new lives system and a multiplayer mode allowing players to become demons. Fans of the classic 90s Doom games will be pleased to hear that enemies have been modified to match their design in the originals, and that some old foes will be reintroduced.

Can I pre-order Doom Eternal?

You can pre-order the game via Amazon here.

Is there a trailer for Doom Eternal?


Yes - and in true Doom-style, it's suitably gory.