Who are the couples on Love Island 2019?

Find out all you need to know about the current sun-kissed pairings – and when the next recoupling is due


Love Island 2019 is here. The grafting, sticking it on and muggy mischief is in full swing and, as usual, contestants won’t be able to reach the final on their own.


To keep themselves safe from a dumping, the Islanders will have to make sure they stay part of a couple – be it for love, fame or friendship.

And with regular re-couplings set to take place, that’s easier said than done.

Here’s when the next one’s due to take place…

When is the next re-coupling happening?

Sunday 16th June’s re-coupling led to a shock double twist, leaving singletons Anna and Maura without partners – but then sending them straight out on dates with two new boys.

The existing couples were then tasked with selecting the pairing they thought was the least compatible, leaving Lucie and Joe and Anton and Elma at risk. In a shock twist, just one person from each couple was forced to leave the island, meaning the end of the road for Joe and Elma.

With Lucie and Anton now single, as well as Maura, Anna, Tom and Jordan, we’re likely to see another recouping later this week, probably on Friday 21st June.

Who are the current Love Island couples?

Currently single: The departure of Joe and Elma has left Lucie and Anton single, as well as Maura, Anna, Tom and Jordan.

Yewande and Danny

Yewande and Danny kiss Love Island (ITV screenshot)

Amber and Michael

Michael and Amber Love Island ©ITV

Amy and Curtis

Amy and Curtis Love Island ©ITV

Molly-Mae and T0mmy

Love Island

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