Frozen 3 isn’t off the table, says Disney director: “Ask us in 6 months!”

Exclusive: We spoke to director Chris Buck about the possibility of another Frozen movie.

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It wasn’t long after Frozen hit cinemas that fans all over the world starting asking whether a sequel would soon follow.


The awards followed, the box office records racked up and the question became the refrain in any interview the team did.

So when Frozen 2 debuted last November it wasn’t too surprising that the question was quick to emerge again, after all it made $1.5bn making it the highest-grossing animated movie of all time.

When we spoke exclusively to Chris Buck on our Disney+ Live Q&A, we posed the question for you again: “I always say ask us a little bit later!”

Chris was discussing all things Frozen as Into the Unknown: Making of Frozen 2 launched on Disney+ giving fans an insight into what work went into the film. Frozen 2 is also due on Disney+ UK on 3rd July.

One thing the documentary makes clear is the intense schedule and deadlines the team were under as well as the pressure to find a fresh story to satisfy the fans.

Chris added: “After the first movie it took us about a year before we even thought about a chapter two because you are so emotionally and physically spent by the end of it – and the documentary sort of shows that, and you know it’s three to four years that kind of intensity.

“You need a break and to regroup and think.”

That also doesn’t mean the Frozen team isn’t above teasing us all Kristen Anderson-Lopez, the co-writer of Frozen and Frozen 2 songs, joked she’ll start work on Frozen 3 when “there’s a vaccine”.

What we do know for sure is nothing has been worked on yet. But before you all go away and cry, Chris adds that it’s not a case of never.

“For us, I would say…ask us in six months!”

Set your reminders now everyone…


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