Is Duncan dead on Coronation Street? Next week’s drama revealed

Has the Corrie fraudster been killed off?

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Tim Metcalfe has been left fearing that he’s consigned wife Sally to a long-term future in prison after their adversary Duncan Radfield was involved in a potentially fatal road collision on Friday’s Coronation Street.


In the run-up to the cliffhanger, Tim was seen growing increasingly determined to force the truth out of Duncan after learning that the fraudster’s previously-thought-dead wife was actually still alive.

After following Duncan to his flat in order to beat a confession out of him, Tim overheard Duncan talking to wife May on his mobile. But during a tense showdown, Tim ended up lunging at Duncan, who stepped back into the road and was hit by a car.

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What happens to Duncan?

Thankfully, there is still hope for Sally with Monday’s Corrie double bill set to reveal that Duncan has survived the accident and is now critically ill in hospital.

But a fresh surprise comes when Sophie pays a visit to Weatherfield General only to be left stunned when she finds Duncan’s wife May there.

Making out that she’s a neighbour, Sophie tells May that Duncan has been moved to another hospital and offers to drive her there. Taking a photo, Sophie tells Tim she has May in the car and that she’s now their bargaining chip.

Now on a mission, Tim heads to the hospital and shows Duncan the picture of May, suggesting that from now on he does as he’s told.


But has Tim done enough to make Tim change his story and admit the truth? And will Sally regain her freedom?


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