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Nick stole Audrey's £80k! 8 other times Coronation Street’s Platt family turned on each other

Lewis was innocent - but the Platts just can't help fighting among themselves…

Published: Friday, 11th January 2019 at 4:41 pm

The mystery of Audrey Roberts’ (Sue Nicholls) missing money in Coronation Street has been resolved, and it transpires the late Lewis Archer (Nigel Havers) was not responsible for stealing £80,000 – the culprit was none other than Audrey’s own grandson, Nick Tilsley! (Ben Price)


Only viewers know the truth which emerged on Wednesday 9 January after Lewis’s fraught funeral that featured a showdown at the coffin as Aud accused Claudia Colby (Rula Lenska) of colluding with her ex to swipe the stylist’s inheritance from Archie Shuttleworth.

Nick has had the cash all along, presumably to pay off his debt to ex-wife Elsa, and is hiding it from everyone in a holdall – how long before the family realise his betrayal?

Of course this is not the first time members of the volatile Platt tribe have stabbed each other in the back. Corrie’s iconic clan are synonymous with infighting, so Nick nicking a wad of notes from his nan shouldn’t really come as any surprise. Here are eight other times (there are probably more) Platt spats got nasty…

David tormented the family pretending to be Richard Hillman
It should be noted many of these incidents revolve around David Platt during his troubled adolescence, with the early signs Gail’s son was going to be a handful emerging when he was 15 years old and started sending correspondence to his relatives sickeningly signed ‘Richard Hillman’. Launching the era of Devil David, the twisted teen admitted to pretending to be his dead serial killer stepdad haunting No.8 purely for a laugh.

David faked his own suicide to ruin Sarah’s wedding day
After accidentally giving seven-year-old niece Bethany an ecstasy tablet (it’s a wonder they ever let him babysit) David was outcast from the clan and Sarah banned her troublemaking brother from her 2007 wedding to Jason Grimshaw. So David decided to make it all about him by leaving a fake suicide note and plunging his car into the canal while everyone was throwing confetti, then turning up having miraculously ‘survived’ with a sob story about hating himself that had the congregation convinced – but smugly admitted to Sarah he’d staged it all to ruin her big day and get back in Gail’s good books.

Sarah planted drugs on David to stop him getting a swanky job in Italy
Sibling rivalry reached new heights when Sarah followed up the wedding debacle by playing dirty like her little brother and sabotaging his fresh start working for their uncle Stephen in Milan by planting drugs on him, banking on angry Gail finding them and not letting him go. It worked a treat, and Sarah got the job and lived La Dolce Vita in Italy for the next eight years.

Gail was pushed down the stairs by vengeful David
It was hoped the love of good woman Tina McIntyre would curb David’s dastardly streak when the teens met in 2008, but when T fell pregnant Gail feared her son wouldn’t cope as a young dad and secretly arranged for her to have an abortion. When David found out he pushed his meddling ma down a flight of stairs.


David and Kylie threw Gail out of her own house
Lewis Archer’s first time round saw the con man diddle gullible Gail out of her life savings forcing her to sell the house, which David and then-wife Kylie bought with a little financial help from Audrey – despite the fact Gail had stolen her mum’s boyfriend. But the property purchase just increased the pressure on the Platts’ delicate family dynamic, and the next time David fell out with his mum he threw her out of the house – charming. Eventually they agreed to convert the garage into a granny annexe for Gail, where a dead body was later buried. But that’s for another day…


Nick had a one-night stand with David’s wife
Due to remarry childhood sweetheart Leanne Battersby in 2012, Nick was jilted when Lee got cold feet and realised she wasn’t over Peter Barlow. Thinking it was a shame to waste a perfectly good honeymoon suite, Nick sought solace in Kylie, who had just another fiery row with David, and the pair spent a naughty Christmas night together. There were to be big consequences…

David’s revenge gave his brother brain damage
David discovered the infidelity, which also put Nick in the frame to potentially be Lily’s dad at the time, and plotted a sinister long-game revenge plan against his brother. He launched a hate campaign that harked back to his Devil David teen years involving poison pen letters, professional sabotage and general spooking. When the lads were alone during a drive David finally confronted Nick about sleeping with Kylie and deliberately caused the car to crash, almost killing them both and leaving Nick with permanent brain damage.

Gail trapped David in the bistro basement to stop him murdering Kylie’s killer
In 2016, grieving for tragic Kylie, David grew obsessed with avenging her senseless death by targeting Clayton Hibbs, the scally responsible for fatally stabbing her (and son of future partner Shona Ramsey, as it turns out). He planned to kill Clayton - and himself - by driving a car full of petrol into the police van Mr Hibbs would be in en route to his trial, but when the family got wind of it they staged an intervention and lured him to the bistro cellar under the pretence of selecting some wine for a meal – only to trap him inside to stop him carrying out his terrifying plan. So at least that time, the Platts turned on each other for the right reasons…


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