BoJack Horseman has confirmed it’s back for another season in the best way

Clingy Netflix executives are our heroes

BoJack Horseman (Netflix)

The fourth season of animated anthropomorphic sitcom BoJack Horseman was barely out of the gates before it found itself assailed by praise from critics and fans alike, with many (including us) noting it as the best instalment of the programme yet when it was released earlier this month.


So it’s no surprise to learn that Netflix is bringing BoJack and his Hollywood friends back for a fifth season of animal puns, increasingly intense tongue-twisters and existential bleakness – though their delivery of the news certainly came in an unexpected form.

Presented as a string of texts from a “clingy Netflix exec” to the titular ex-TV star BoJack confirming a fifth series, the announcement was definitely in keeping with the series’ offbeat and blackly comic tone – and if fans were left in any doubt about the seriousness of the news, star Will Arnett soon posted a picture of his script for season five’s first episode, which will presumably enter into production soon.

So enough horsin’ around you guys – get back to the recording studio!


BoJack Horseman season four is streaming on Netflix now