From muggy to melt: A guide to what all those words on Love Island actually mean

Our unofficial dictionary guide to what the islanders are on about with their melty, salty, snakey and aggy lingo


Love Island undoubtedly has its own language.


From grafting to being pied off, acting salty or being extra with someone, it can be a minefield keeping up with the Love Island lingo – never mind the feuding, coupling and recoupling that goes on every day in the villa.

Although we can’t help when it comes to deciphering Chris and Kem’s raps (you’re on your own there), we can help you keep track of just what the islanders are on about with our unofficial LI dictionary: 

Mug (adjective) (noun) Also: -gy, -ged off and –gy Mike 

> Mug – to be made a fool of; to be regarded as a bit of a wally

> Mugged Off – to be dumped, lied to, ignored or generally treated poorly by either your other half or a fellow islander (see also: Pied Off) 

> Muggy – to act in a disingenuous or deceptive way, eg going behind an islanders’ back and making romantic suggestions towards a fellow villa resident (see also: Theo / Jonny / Olivia)

> Muggy Mike – colloquial term for islander Mike Thalassitis (origin: Chris Hughes)


100% my type on paper (verb) (origin: Amber Davies)

> Phrase used by Davies to describe every single new male islander to enter the villa

A bit of me (verb) 

> Synonym for ‘100% my type on paper‘; used to indicate interest in a fellow islander, most often imminently after a new person has entered the villa eg. Jonny circa late June 2017: “I look at Tyla and I’m like, ‘That is a bit of me.'”

Snake (adjective) (noun) Also: -y

> Snake – a person who makes romantic intentions towards a coupled up islander behind their other half’s back or a person who relays information to other villa residents without the others’ knowledge

> Snakey – acting in the way of a Snake (see also: Jonny imparting details about Dom’s private life or Theo moving in on Tyla whilst still coupled up with Jonny)

Salt (noun) Also: -y

> Salt – anger or upset caused to an islander, often as the result of someone being snakey, muggy or shortly after being pied or mugged off. 

> Salty – acting in a way as to cause upset or anger – see also: muggy, snakey, melty.


Melt (noun) Also: tuna melt, ham and cheese melt

> Derogatory term often used towards and between males to indicate sub-par actions or behaviour (see: Olivia labelling Sam “a melt”; Theo describing Jonny as “a tuna melt”; Kem remarking jovially that Theo is a “ham and cheese melt”) 

Graft (adjective) Also: -ing, -er

> To dedicate time and attention towards another islander in the hope of them becoming romantically interested and / or involved with said person. Particularly prominent when a dumping of unattached islanders is imminent


Pied Off (verb)

> When an islander no longer has romantic intentions towards a fellow villa resident despite initially displaying interest, and often is then unceremoniously dumped and/or rebuffed for another islander (see also: Camilla and Craig / Jonny and Camilla / Tyla and Jonny)

Stick it On (verb) Variations: Put it On, Crack On

> To make a move on someone an islander finds physically attractive, either by flirting or by attempting to kiss. Note: this does not always result in a positive outcome. (see also: Craig and Camilla, Amber and Kem circa early June 2017)


Aggy (adjective) abbreviation of aggravated 

> Neologism to describe an islander being angry, agitated, aggravated or all three at once. Most prominently used by Olivia.

Extra (verb) 

> Describing someone going above and beyond what would be commonly expected, either positively or negatively. For reference: Jamie preparing avocado on toast for Camilla’s birthday (positive); Tyla hysterically crying after Jonny exited the villa (negative)


Love Island airs at 9pm on ITV2