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There's a recoupling on tonight's Love Island, the boys are choosing - and Tyla's grafting hard to steal Jonny from Camilla

Jamilla are finally being affectionate - in the daytime! - but is it too little too late as Tyla starts to make her move?

Published: Tuesday, 27th June 2017 at 8:01 pm

We've already told you that a massive twist later this week on Love Island will see the Islanders split into separate boys' and girls' villas before new contestants are sent into tempt them.


The question is, who will actually still be involved by the time that happens? Because tonight there's another recoupling – and if certain people get their way, it could seriously shake things up...

Here's the text that announces the news...


Tonight there will be a recoupling in which the boys will pick the girls they want to recouple with.



That's right, this time around the boys will be making the decisions and Tyla's grafting hard to try to get Jonny to ditch Camilla for her...

The two are chatting in the sun, when Tyla starts to make her move...

Jonny on Camilla: "I am interested to see where it could go but –"

Tyla: "But are you? Or is that just something that you say to convince yourself that’s what you want? I’m just questioning it..."

Tyla in the Beach Hut: "He just needs to grow some balls really, I think, he’s just gotta be a bit more honest. And in here, by playing it safe, I think it’s a much bigger risk than it is to actually take a risk..."

Meanwhile, on the other side of this potential new love triangle, Camilla tells Gabby that she knows she has to be more affectionate with Jonny, and it's not long before we see some cheeky snogging between them – in the daytime!

This is unprecedented and would look like a very good sign except for the fact that later that night, just before the recoupling, Jonny seems a bit on edge as he confides in Marcel that Tyla's been "putting it on" him.

Has Camilla done too little too late? Is Jonny thinking of breaking up Jamilla? Does he realise that he can never set foot in the UK again if he does that?

At least some of these questions will be answered on tonight's Love Island...


Love Island is tonight at 9pm on ITV2


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