What Women Want gets female-led reboot

You'll never be able to guess the name...

(Getty, Youtube, TL)

We can’t say it’s an idea that’s necessarily crossed many people’s minds, but Paramount is re-booting What Women Want with a female lead. And it’s going to be called – yep, you guessed it – What Men Want.


While the original 2000 comedy film followed Mel Gibson as a cocky man who suddenly finds himself with the ability to read women’s minds, the reboot will turn the tables with Empire’s Taraji P Henson as a female sports agent who gains the power to hear men’s thoughts, allowing her to get ahead of male colleagues and sign the NBA’s next superstar. Your classic Hollywood ending.


Will Packer and James Lopez are set to produce, and Henson is executive producing. The movie doesn’t yet have a writer, but Paramount has already scheduled a release date of  11th January 2019.