Although John Kramer (aka Jigsaw) is undoubtedly the most iconic character in the Saw movies, it's been a while since Tobin Bell really had a starring role – what, with the character's death back in Saw III, and all.


But in Saw X – the 10th film in the long-running horror franchise – Bell is very much front and centre once again, with the action taking us back to the time period between the first two entries in the series.

This time around we find Kramer terrorising the owner and employees of a fraudulent medical organisation, who had swindled him and many other cancer patients out of large sums of money by falsely claiming they could offer a miracle cure.

As you might imagine, things don't go very well for the con artists when John discovers he's been lied to, and he sets up several of his infamous traps to get revenge.

This being a Saw film, there are a few twists and turns as the film heads towards a typically bloody conclusion, and there's even an extra surprise in store for fans who stay around for a post-credits scene.

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Read on to have the Saw X ending explained.

Saw X ending explained

Jigsaw on a tricycle in a dark hallway
Saw X. Alexandro Bolaños Escamilla

After the first couple of victims have unsuccessfully navigated the games offered up to them by John and Amanda, their third victim, Gabriela, manages to complete her gruesome task – using a sledgehammer to break her limbs free from a shackle while being exposed to scorching heat.

But just as she's about to be let go, Parker Sears – a former patient who claimed to have returned to get his money back – suddenly confronts John and Amanda with a gun and tells them to free Cecilia, the owner of the medical organisation and the last remaining victim.

It emerges that, far from being a fellow disgruntled patient, he is her lover, and was involved in the scam from the start.

Cecilia then forces John to take her place in the final trap, while she also brings in a young boy, Carlos – whom John had earlier befriended – to be involved in the torture.

In the most graphic trap of all, John and Carlos are harnessed into place on a see-saw and water-boarded with blood. John decides to hold onto a lever such that Carlos can escape, meaning only he will be blood-boarded, and Parker and Cecilia move to a different room to collect the cash that John and Amanda had hoped to take from them.

Only, there is another surprise in store when they open the bag – it activates a tripwire that puts a stop to the blood-boarding in the other room. John reveals that Parker's part in the plot had been revealed to him by an earlier victim, and so he had prepared for this eventuality.

Not only that, Parker and Cecilia will now be subjected to another test: the room starts filling up with poisonous gas with only one small hole for ventilation.

Living up to an earlier prediction by John and Amanda, Cecilia kills her lover so that only she can access the hole for air, but she is unable to stop the money being collected by John and Amanda - who are able to escape with Carlos to safety.

What happens in the Saw X post-credits scene?

There's one more surprise in store in the post-credits scene, which takes place in a bathroom that fans might recognise from the first Saw film.

In that bathroom, we see that John has trapped Henry Kessler – the man from his cancer support group who had first recommended the fraudulent medical facility to him. He will now seemingly be subject to his own bout of torment for his role in the operation.

And in one final reveal, John introduces someone else to Henry who will help with this game: Detective Mark Hoffman, the popular character who appeared in five films between Saw III and Saw 3D.

Is another in-between-quel in the offing?

Saw X is in UK cinemas from Friday 29th September 2023. Check out more of our Film coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide to find out what's on tonight.


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