Killing Eve star Sandra Oh has explained why one scene in new animated Pixar feature Turning Red left her feeling "very, very moved".


In an exclusive interview with, Oh – who plays the mother of main character Mei Lee in the film – explained that the moments that stood out most to her were those that explored the Chinese Canadian heritage of the central characters, something which she felt director Domee Shi handled particularly well.

"I think Domee approaches it in such a good way," she explained. "Because it has to do with how culture is not static, traditions have to change.

"It's important to know your history, but that's... one of my favourite scenes actually is an image of Mei as a panda trying to leave the temple and all her parents and all her aunties trying to keep her in.

"I was very, very moved by that. You know, as a child of immigrants, you are constantly having this kind of pull between love and filial duty, and then your own independence. But that's what it is – one to become an independent adult, but two, that's how you actually move and you change culture."

Oh stars alongside relative newcomer Rosalie Chiang in the film, while the Turning Red cast also includes Ava Morse, Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, Hyein Park, and Orion Lee.

Speaking recently to, Chiang praised Pixar's ability to craft compelling stories that don't feature out-and-out villains.

"I think it's important to always empathise with the other person, the other side," she said. "And I think Pixar has this incredible talent at telling stories without villains.

"There's no villain in the story. And because there is no villains between parent and child, it's just complicated, different opinions, they clash, it's inevitable."

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