Nice guys always finish last, right? Well, that's actually a true adage when it comes to the new Disney villains Monopoly edition.


Hasbro has released the Disney Villains Edition of the classic board game which encourages you to scheme and steal your way to winning.

The new game lets you play as one of six villains; Cruella de Vil, Hook, Scar, The Evil Queen, Maleficent and Jafar.

Of course, this isn't the first villains' edition, but this time there's a few changes to make it more interactive.

There are a few twists too.

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Other villains appear on the board, like Ursula, Yzma, Gaston and King Candy so no one is left out.

Instead of buying up properties like usual, you buy villains' loyalty - sort of like an Evil Squad. The winner is the one with the best group of bad 'uns.

There's also a new set of cards which ask players to steal money, property or send someone else to jail.

As it's every villain for themselves, if you don't clock a player has landed on your property they don't actually have to cough up, and if you don't pay attention you may find you're missing some cash.

The usual Monopoly bills are gone too replaced with gold and silver coins - Jafar's snake and the Evil Queen's crown adorn them.

Of course, you still have to make sure you have the most money at the end.

The Disney villain you pick as your token also impacts gameplay.

Each of the six tokens has a unique ability that you can use in the game.

With your token comes a card telling you what the ability is ranging from the power to re-roll the die to stealing coins.

Whenever you pass Go you can take control of the Flames of Power ring - place it on the token and you reign supreme.


You can order Disney Villains' Monopoly Boardgame.