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Isn't It Romantic – Netflix movie review: Rebel gets an unreality check

Everything is coming up roses for Rebel Wilson as her life gets a romantic comedy makeover

Published: Wednesday, 20th February 2019 at 4:05 pm


Rebel Wilson hits her head and awakens in a romantic comedy fantasy world in this Netflix original movie from Todd Strauss-Schulson, who previously satirised the horror genre in The Final Girls (2015).


Isn’t It Romantic points out the stupidities of the romcom (mandatory gay best friend and all) and, like I Feel Pretty before it, examines the self-doubt of being a dating female.

The promising opening sequence – in which Wilson’s character is told by her mum (Jennifer Saunders) that no one would marry her unless it was for a visa – soon descends into an uneven exploration of workplace politics with added musical numbers. Despite a pacy script, Wilson’s disbelief in a world where everyone finds her attractive soon becomes tiresome.

Liam Hemsworth co-stars in a role that takes the mickey out of his brother Chris's typical casting as “the hot guy”, while Adam Devine is the best friend who falls in love with a yoga ambassador (Priyanka Chopra), just as Wilson discovers her own true feelings for him.

The first leading role for Wilson (who also produces) presents her as battle-hardened, cynical and lacking emotional intelligence – at work, at home and in general. Sometimes it’s fun, but mostly it all just leaves you feeling a bit cold.


Isn't It Romantic launches on Netflix on Thursday 28 February


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