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Interceptor cast – Meet the characters in the Netflix action film

The action film stars Elsa Pataky as Captain JJ Collins.

Published: Thursday, 16th June 2022 at 10:37 am
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The latest Netflix action movie Interceptor has captured the imagination of the globe since its release earlier this month (June 2022), dominating the streaming platform’s Top 10 rankings.


The movie follows an army captain (Elsa Pataky) as she tries to avert a missile attack on the US forged by domestic terrorists in cahoots with Russians.

And director Matthew Reilly has revealed he’s “just as confused as everyone else” by the success of the film.

“It’s blown me away,” Reilly told Variety. “I was hoping to sneak into the top 10 on Netflix, but coming in at No 1 everywhere?”

He continued: “I don’t think anybody was expecting it to take the world by storm. I’m just as confused as everybody else.”

Alongside Pataky, Luke Bracey, Colin Friels and Rhys Muldoon star in Interceptor, as does an A-list Marvel star in an unexpected cameo (spoilers for that one are below...).

Read on for everything you need to know about the cast of Interceptor.

Who's in the cast of Netflix action film Interceptor?

Elsa Pataky plays Captain JJ Collins

Elsa Pataky as JJ Collins in Interceptor Netflix

Who is Captain JJ Collins? An army captain who’s forced to use her years of military training and expertise to avert a missile attack on the US.

Talking about what drew her to the role, Pataky told Screen Rant: "It's just like, portraying this amazing, independent, strong, fearless woman that never gives up. I've been always really fond of action movies, so being able to challenge myself to do this movie, it was kind of like a dream come true.

"I grew up watching action movies and just wanted to be Indiana Jones since I was little, so when they offered me the script and I saw it was going to be a lot of challenges for me – learning all these fights and getting really involved in it – that's when I said to the director, 'I want to be the one doing all the fights.'

"I just loved it. And I've always been kind of a little bit of a tomboy, so I really enjoyed it. It was an amazing experience, actually."

What else has Elsa Pataky been in? Pataky is no stranger to action movies, and is known for her role as Elena in the Fast & Furious franchise.

She has also appeared in a handful of other movies including Snakes on a Plane and 12 Strong, Less Is More, Don't Tempt Me and Twelfth Night.

Pataky has also starred in several TV series including Al salir de clase, La vida en el aire, Queen of Swords, Los Serrano, Hospital Central, Tio Willy, Mujeres asesinas, Tidelands and more.

Luke Bracey plays Alexander Kessel

Luke Bracey as Alexander in Interceptor Netflix

Who is Alexander Kessel? A former US military intelligence officer determined to destroy the interceptor missile base.

What else has Luke Bracey been in? Bracey got his big break on the TV series Home and Away, before going on to star in movies such as GI Joe: Retaliation, Point Break and Hacksaw Ridge. He also appears in the upcoming movie Elvis as Jerry Schilling.

Aaron Glenane plays Beaver Baker

Interceptor Beaver
Aaron Glenane as Beaver in Interceptor Netflix

Who is Beaver? Alexander Kessel's inside man, who works for the Russian terrorists and helps Kessel enter the control room.

What else has Aaron Glenane starred in? Glenane is best known for his role as chef Colin Gale in the American military comedy 68 Whiskey and his role as the Last Australian on the TV series Snowpiercer.

Mayen Mehta plays Corporal Shah

Mayen Mehta as Shah in Interceptor Netflix

Who is Corporal Shah? The officer who teams up with Captain JJ Collins to try and stop Alexander from destroying the interceptor missile base.

What else has Rahul Shah been in? Shah has previously starred in Power Rangers Dino Fury and Sweet Tooth.

Rhys Muldoon plays Lieutenant Corporal Clark Marshall

Rhys Muldoon as Marshall in Interceptor

Who is Lieutenant Corporal Clark Marshall? A US Army lieutenant colonel who welcomes JJ to SBX-1.

What has else has Rhys Muldoon been in? Muldoon is best known for his roles in House Husbands, Fighting Season, Dead Lucky and Big Sky.

Belinda Jombwe plays Ensign Washington

Who is Ensign Washington? A military staffer who welcomes JJ aboard the isolated interceptor base.

What else has Belinda Jombwe been in? Jombwe previously starred in The Casting Game and The Secret She Keeps.

Colin Friels plays Frank Collins

Who is Frank Collins? JJ's father.

What else has Colin Friels been in? Colin is best known for his roles in Heartbeat Away, Tomorrow When the War Began, Killing Time and Wild Boys.

Zoe Carides plays President Wallace

Who is President Wallace? Wallace is tasked with helping JJ save the US from impending doom after Alexander hijacks the Interceptor base.

What else has Zoe Carides been in? Some of Carides' credits include Brilliant Lies, Event Zero, Top of the Lake and Pieces of Her.

Chris Hemsworth as an uncredited cameo

Who is Hemsworth playing? The very minor role of an electronic shop clerk called Jed. The likely explanation for this is that Hemsworth and Pataky, the film’s lead, are married.

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