Fast and Furious 9 release date: Latest news on the mega action franchise

Salut, mi familia!

Vin Diesel as Dominic Toretto, Charlize Theron as Cipher in The Fate of the Furious

Many big films have suffered delays in the last year or so as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, and one blockbuster that has kept us waiting for longer than first hoped is the next installment of the Fast and Furious franchise.


The film will see some major changes in terms of the cast: following a reported feud between Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Vin Diesel that’s said to have broken out on the set of 2017’s The Fate of the Furious, a spin-off launched with 2019’s Hobbs & Shaw, leaving the main series sans Rock.

So can anyone fill Johnson’s rather large boots? And is there any truth to the rumours that the F&F films are set to go intergalactic? Here’s everything we know about Fast and Furious 9 so far.

What is the Fast and Furious 9 release date?

The film was originally set for a US release of 19th April 2019, but was pushed back almost a year to April 10 2020, following the announcement of Hobbs & Shaw.

Following the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, the film was then pushed back another 11 months and is now slated to be released in cinemas on 28th May 2021.

Filming began on 24th June 2019 at Leavesden Studios in Hertfordshire, England and is expected to take place in Los Angeles, London (including chase scenes near Buckingham Palace), Thailand, Georgia and finally Edinburgh (where shooting’s caused more than a little disruption).

Fast and Furious 9 cast

The most surprising casting news is that Cardi B is joining the cast. The news was announced via Vin Diesel’s Instagram. It is as yet unclear who she plays, but she says she thinks its gonna be the best Fast and Furious yet…

The following cast members will return from previous films in the franchise. Salut, mi familia!

  • Vin Diesel as Dominic Toretto
  • Michelle Rodriguez as Letty Ortiz
  • Tyrese Gibson as Roman Pierce
  • Chris “Ludacris” Bridges as Tej Parker
  • Nathalie Emmanuel as Ramsey
  • Helen Mirren as Magdalene Shaw
  • Charlize Theron as Cipher
Fast and Furious 8 cast
2017 Universal City Studios Productions LLLP

Jordana Brewster will also be reprising her role as Mia Toretto, her first appearance in a Fast and Furious movie since 2015’s Furious 7 – Mia retired alongside her partner Brian, a story move necessitated by the death during filming of actor Paul Walker.

It remains to be seen how Mia will rejoin the crew and to what extent the character of Brian, an F&F mainstay and fan favourite prior to Walker’s passing, will be referenced.

Walker’s brother Cody previously served as a stand-in for his late sibling during filming of Furious 7, with CGI face-mapping being used to complete Paul’s unfinished scenes.

Cody recently visited the Fast & Furious 9 set, leading some to speculate that he could again be standing in as Brian for a brief sequence, but there has been no official confirmation of this.

Joining the fast car frenzy this time around will be Michael Rooker (Guardians of the Galaxy, The Walking Dead) as a character named Buddy, with wrestler-turned-actor John Cena and Peaky Blinders actor Finn Cole playing undisclosed roles, alongside Anna Sawai and Vinnie Bennett.

Vin Diesel has enthused about Cena joining the franchise in particular, saying the WWE star is “killing his character“. “He’s gonna blow you away when you see him in Fast,” he added.

Currently, neither Johnson nor Jason Statham – the latter playing Deckard Shaw in the last two F&F movies – are expected to return.

No word yet on Kurt Russell as Mr. Nobody (the enigmatic intelligence operative who worked with Dom’s team in the last two movies) or Scott Eastwood as ‘Little Nobody’ (another law enforcement agent who debuted in the eighth film in the series).

Luke Evans was noticeably absent from Hobbs & Shaw as Deckard’s younger brother Owen – could he reappear here, having previously featured in the sixth and eighth entries?

Daniel Casey will write the screenplay for Fast & Furious 9, with Chris Morgan – who’s written every F&F movie since 2006’s Tokyo Drift – having left to work on Hobbs & Shaw.

What will happen in Fast and Furious 9?

The official synopsis for the film reads: “After the events of The Fate of the Furious (2017), Dominic Toretto and his family must face Dominic’s younger brother Jakob, a deadly assassin, who is working with their old enemy Cipher, and who holds a personal vendetta against Dominic.”

There have been some rumours that the new film will see the team head to space, and asked about these reports recently, Vin Diesel was non-committal – but he certainly didn’t rule out the possibility of an outer space adventure.

“No spoilers over here,” he told Entertainment Weekly. “I will say that Justin is one of those think-outside-of-the-box directors. I’d put nothing past him and he will thoroughly play with whatever is plausible to incorporate into the story.”

Fast and Furious 9 trailer

In February 2021 a short new trailer was released teasing the return of the ‘Fast Family’.

Earlier there had been two previous trailers, one of which had been released in February 2021 – before the release date had been changed.

And the first trailer for Fast & Furious was a hefty one, weighing in at just under four minutes long –  check it out below.


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