Star Wars may be taking a break from the big screen, but there's still plenty going on in the galaxy far, far away.


Disney Plus brought us The Book of Boba Fett earlier this year, while Obi-Wan Kenobi is about to hit screens later this month and The Mandalorian season 3 has finished filming. That's not to mention Andor, the Rogue One spin-off series, Ahsoka, focusing on Rosario Dawson's character, or The Bad Batch, the animated Clone Wars sequel series set to return this year.

As we're now in the month of Star Wars Day (May 4th), there's surely no better time to get some of the best Star Wars gifts and merchandise on offer to celebrate the epic franchise.

Read on to see what bags, clothes and collectibles we've found for you – or the Star Wars fans in your life.

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Best merchandise and gifts for Star Wars fans

Star Wars Luke Skywalker Costume

Luke Skywalker Star Wars costume

Best for: Showing off your best Jedi looks, young Padawan.

We may be a way off from Halloween but it's never a bad time to add to your costume collection and get dressed up for a fancy dress party. To show your Star Wars love, why not go as the original and ultimate Star Wars hero, Luke Skywalker himself?

Including a Jedi hooded robe accessory, cream tunic top, printed trousers with attached boot tops and a fabric belt, it's an ensemble that's sure to make quite the impression at any gathering of sci-fi fans.

Buy the Star Wars Luke Skywalker Costume from Amazon

Cards Against Star Wars game

Cards Against Star Wars game

Best for: Adult fans who enjoy dark side humour.

Whether you're a big fan of shock card game Cards Against Humanity or not, this Cards Against Star Wars game hits all the right notes for fans of the beloved franchise.

The game comes with 750 playing cards in total, as each round one player reads from a blue card and everyone else answers with their funniest white card. Including every character from The Phantom Menace through to The Force Awakens, it's a must-have for adult Star Wars fans looking for a fun party game.

Buy the Cards Against Star Wars game from Amazon

Star Wars Year by Year: A Visual History book

Star Wars Year By Year book

Best for: Reliving and relearning about the entire saga.

If you're a Star Wars aficionado you may think you know it all already, but this hardcover book really digs deep on the history of the franchise - from its early origins and development, right the way through to the all-encompassing toys, theme parks and video games that we see today.

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Even if you do know it all already, the stunning visuals will be worth returning to time and again, and with this new edition only coming out last year, it's almost fully up to date.

Buy the Star Wars Year by Year: A Visual History book from Amazon

Luke Skywalker Red 5 LEGO Helmet

Star Wars Luke LEGO Helmet

Best for: Giving yourself a LEGO challenge you can show off.

Star Wars now has a collection of LEGO helmets which come with their own display stands, so make sure you complete the set with Luke Skywalker's Red 5 helmet.

Made up of 675 pieces, the helmet is great for sprucing up your display cabinet while also giving yourself a LEGO building test along the way.

Buy the Luke Skywalker Red 5 LEGO Helmet from Amazon

Rebel Classic Smartwatch Strap

Star Wars smartwatch strap

Best for: Accessorising to show your rebel pride.

If you're looking to freshen up your smartwatch, look no further than this strap featuring the classic rebel crest. The strap also features an X Wing on the inside of the band and is made with sweat and UV-resistant silicone, meaning it's tough and durable but also feels smooth to wear.

The bright orange means it's both stylish and stands out, showing off your Star Wars love everywhere you go.

Buy the Rebel Classic Smartwatch Strap from Amazon

Lightsaber Heat Change Coffee Mug

Star Wars Lightsaber heat change mug

Best for: Giving yourself a lightsaber lesson while drinking a hot brew.

Every time you're making a tea or coffee make sure to keep an eye on this mug as you use it, because the boiling water will bring up a bright, colourful design with all the different lightsabers seen across the series.

From Darth Vader's red saber to Luke's blue one, how many can you remember on sight?

Buy the Lightsaber Heat Change Coffee Mug from Amazon

Star Wars Episode I - VI 2000 piece Jigsaw

2000 Piece star wars jigsaw

Best for: Piecing together all parts of the Star Wars universe.

This doozy of a jigsaw puzzle is crammed full of Star Wars characters and ships from across the original and prequel trilogy. As you piece it together see if you can name them all!

It might take you some time, mind - with 2,000 pieces to work through this is no mean feat, and should keep you going for a long time.

Buy the Star Wars Episode I - VI 2000 piece Jigsaw from Amazon

Star Wars Large Darth Vader, Storm Trooper Backpack

Star Wars Darth Vader backpack

Best for: Carrying all your other Star Wars merch around town.

If you're reading through this list and wondering how you're going to carry all this kit around town, down worry - with this large backpack, we've got you covered.

Emblazoned with a black and white design full of Death Stars, Darth Vader and Storm Troopers, turn a little to the dark side while also utilising this practical bag that's great for both kids and adults.

Buy the Star Wars Large Darth Vader, Storm Trooper Backpack from Amazon

Boba Fett Dressing Gown

Star Wars Boba Fett Dressing gown

Best for: Relaxing as your favourite Bounty Hunter.

Boba Fett's armour may not be right what you jump to when you think of comfort, but this cosy dressing gown will change all that.

Extra warm with both a belt and a hood (which sports Boba's iconic helmet design), the gown is 100% polyester and sure to be a must-have for those working from home days.

Buy the Boba Fett Dressing Gown from Amazon

Ahsoka Funko POP

Star Wars Ahsoka Funko

Best for: Displaying your love for the Clone Wars and Mandalorian favourite.

Your Funko POP! collection may be full to the brim by now, but if there's space for just one more make it this Ahsoka figure from The Mandalorian season 2.

The fan-favourite character is set to have her own spin-off show soon, meaning now is the perfect time to make Ahsoka Tano part of your display.

Buy the Ahsoka Funko POP! from Amazon

Star Wars: A New Hope Vintage T-Shirt

Star Wars A New Hope T-Shirt

Best for: Dressing to impress.

Take it right back to the beginning with this faded, retro T-Shirt. Displaying one of the original posters for Star Wars (or A New Hope as it's been retroactively dubbed), this tee comes in four different colours with sizes for men, women and children.

It's one of the most iconic posters of all time, so you really can't go wrong as you wear the eye-popping design.

Buy the Star Wars: A New Hope Vintage T-Shirt from Amazon

Stormtrooper Canvas Wall Art

Star Wars Storm Trooper wall art

Best for: Sprucing up your interior design, Star Wars-style.

This ultra-cool stormtrooper wall art is sure to be a conversation starter when you have friends over. With its combination of blacks, whites and greys, it will work perfectly for almost any wall space, with the print on a solid pine frame in multiple different sizes.

If your wall art is meant to show off who you are and make a statement, this will help to display your Star Wars devotion in eye-popping fashion.

Buy the Stormtrooper Canvas Wall Art from Amazon

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