All of Us Strangers has been captivating audience since its release in cinemas earlier this year – and now we have a UK digital release date after an earlier home release in the US.


The film focuses on Adam (Andrew Scott), a screenwriter living in an apartment in East London who’s struggling to pen a script drawing on memories from his childhood.

However, when Adam begins a relationship with his neighbour Harry (in a BAFTA-nominated turn from Paul Mescal), he finds himself being repeatedly drawn back to his childhood, prompting him to reassess his past and unresolved trauma.

Alongside Irish stars Scott and Mescal, All of Us Strangers stars prominent British actors Claire Foy and Jamie Bell.

Speaking to about what it was like working with this fantastic four last year, director Andrew Haigh said: "Oh, yeah, brilliant. I mean, all of them, you know, Paul, Andrew, Claire, Jamie Bell.

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"They were like a dream cast to work with and so, no, it was a really beautiful experience and the film's nearly, you know, we're coming to the endpoint now, nearly finishing it off and so, no, I'm really pleased with that.”

Haigh added: "I find it a very interesting film. So we'll see. We'll see how people take it."

This haunting new drama has award nominations and critical adoration, but how can you watch All of Us Strangers right now?

How to watch All of Us Strangers

Andrew Scott stands shirtless at an apartment window overlooking a skyline as Adam in All of Us Strangers.
Andrew Scott stands shirtless at an apartment window overlooking a skyline as Adam in All of Us Strangers. Chris Harris/Searchlight Pictures

All of Us Stranger is out now in UK cinemas. The film was released on Friday 26th January 2024.

All of Us Strangers is available to buy now in the US various digital platforms including Prime Video. It is also available to stream on Hulu.

The movie will become available to buy digitally in the UK from Tuesday 12th March.

Can you stream All of Us Strangers in the UK?

All of Us Strangers is not currently available to stream in the UK.

We will be sure to update this page when new information becomes available.

Will All of Us Strangers be available on Netflix?

Paul Mescal as Harry lying on a bed face to face with Andrew Scott as Adam with Scott's hand caressing Mescal's hair in All of Us Strangers.
Paul Mescal as Harry and Andrew Scott as Adam in All of Us Strangers. Photo Courtesy of Searchlight Pictures

All of Us Strangers is not expected to be released on Netflix as the film is distributed by Searchlight Pictures, which is owned by Disney.

This means the film will likely be released on Disney Plus following a period where it will be available for digital purchase on streaming services such as Apple and Prime Video.

Is there a release date for an All of Us Strangers DVD and Blu-ray?

No, there is no release date for All of Us Strangers on DVD and Blu-ray.

We will be sure to update you if this changes.

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