Who is Mike ‘The American’ Skinner, the new racing driver on The Grand Tour?

All we know is, he's called The Gun Slinger


Who is the new racing driver in The Grand Tour? 

He’s a NASCAR champion called Mike ‘The American’ Skinner – the wildly popular American motorsport that’s like Formula 1 if the cars could only turn left.


He also competed in something called the ‘Camping World Truck Series’, which is just excellent.

Why do I care?

Well as well as being the new ‘tame racing driver’ on The Grand Tour, the 59 year old is a bit of a character. A former driller, he turned an old Plymouth into a dirt-eating monster that won races all across California. His nickname: ‘The Gun Slinger’.

Can I follow him on Twitter?


Can I see inside his old house, including his wine tasting room?


Wait, did she just say she cooked for her dog?

Yeah, that’s his wife Angie. She seems pretty cool.

OK, can I see inside his barn?

Fine by us.

Wait, wait, go back further. What was his nickname again?

‘The Gun Slinger.’

There’s also a video of him shooting a deer, but it made us sad so we’re not going to embed it.

What’s the big idea?

As well as market forces – it’s not clear how much Clarkson was joking when he said Amazon demanded an American test driver – ‘The American’ seems like a direct inversion of Top Gear’s ‘Stig’TM. Whereas Stiggy was mute, anonymous and blank, Skinner is a big, loud character with a clear personality.


Fine, what about some recipes for a race day tail gate party?

No problem.