Bear Grylls knows how to survive a Sharknado

Confidence and "a big strong stick" are the key, says the survival expert...


A Sharknado – a raging, violent storm full of hungry, airborne sharks – would probably mean curtains for most of us. What with all those sharp teeth and chainsaws flying around…


Tara Reid might have survived two of the supernatural attacks, but she’s something of an anomaly.

Another person who might just be a match for a Sharknado, though, is survival expert Bear Grylls. In fact, he’s pretty confident he’d be able to outwit the great whites by being confident. And by wielding a big stick. 

“If you’re in the water with a shark, it’s about portraying confidence. If it comes swimming towards you and they detect that you’re scared and you’re flapping and you’re running away, you’re prey,” Grylls told Entertainment Weekly. “If you’re more confident, you can swim at them – it sews doubt in the shark’s mind – so the first thing is confidence. Second thing is if you are being attacked is to go for the gills, the eyes, or the nose, hitting, striking it hard. You can shout at it under water. If you’re swimming away from it, don’t panic.”

But the thing about a Sharkando is, you don’t just meet them in deep water. And Grylls does concede that flying sharks are a little harder to handle…

“The truth is, you’ve got Great Whites flying through the air and they’re all coming towards you – you’re a little bit screwed,” he says.


Although he reckons the original shark-fighting tactics still apply: “You got to take cover, I suppose. Get a big strong stick, go for the gills and the eyes and the nose. Same principles!”